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    setenv video_output "drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1280x720.bin"

    in the boot.ini file, the desired resolution will be forced.

    For CEC, you'll have to make the port number in /storage/.config/cec-hdmi-port.conf match the one in the Kodi CEC settings and match the HDMI port on the TV. The HDMI port numbering on TV is sometime off-by-one.

    It shouldn't change given the u-boot edid parameters.

    Anyhow, the odroid-u2 LE portage use x11, so you could try all the supported resolution with xrandr and stick to one working with Kodi. Do this without forcing anything in u-boot.

    One you've found a working one, force it in boot.ini.

    Your display probably do not support 1080 HD natively, only 720 HD.


    thanks for your reply! I just tried the beta,

    unfortunately the resoultion is still 1152x864 and I can't change it, as the option is still grayed out. :(

    You will have to edit /flash/boot.ini to force the edid.

    In the video output section, comment out the sample line and choose the resolution .bin file matching your TV.

    Some displays send wrong edid informations.

    Sorry for the delay ... was busy on other topics and finally found some time to test the videos.

    Could you please test the 8.1.1 beta images I've just made to see if the bug is still here?

    Do not forget to make a backup of your current installation before testing the beta !


    8.0.2: 7ca20eae980ea214af0f4831f288146bc21c7c53 is the sha1sum of none of the images online.

    The sha1 of the 8.0.2 eMMC image is 367b76a2ca2e82c10feb1be2c3bcfa93407dc614

    The sha1 of the 8.0.2 SD image is ba6133e7d90464626542102f3317bf7ff7580293

    Do I understand correctly you don't see same issues in your case?
    But strangely I see same issues on regular h264 encoded videos as well, occasional frame drops, high load.
    Lurking around odroid forums I have seen developers clames having problem with implementation of Kodi for the platform. And since we don't see 17.1 for the U3 I assume the problem is still there. They have released 17 for C1 though, but that is a different story.
    Any chance eMMC image might differ from SD version?

    The eMMC and SD version are the same.

    I'm somewhat busy at the moment but give me in private a link to a problematic video. I will try to dig this issue further.

    Interesting, probably I should mention I am upgrading from older 14.2 opelelec build and all my videos had been 100% hw accelerated. No drops to software decoding. Is this new platform limitation?

    BTW As far as I can see hardkernel have released kodi 16 for the platform, but I assume this issue has been solved not on driver side but probably by patching the kodi source.

    Official OpenELEC has never released a version for ODROID-U3, so you probably have used an unofficial OpenELEC portage to ODROID-U3.

    I'm using the very same patch for Kodi to support MFC hardware decoding in this unofficial LibreELEC portage to ODROID-U3. Your high CPU usage is not reproductible here.

    - I do see significant frame drop during animations of UI and even more during playback. running top I do see really high load on processor > 150%. Don't see any warning regarding decoding in log file. The rendering method is grayed out and set on Autodetect. Based on all of those symptoms I wonder if MFC is used during playback?

    CDVDVideoCodecMFC::Open - MFC Setup succesfull (1920x808, linesize 1920, format 0x32314d4e), start streaming

    It is used but only for supported codecs. For example, HEVC/H.265 is not a supported codec by the MFC on ODROID-U3 and then everything is done by software, then no hardware offloading for decoding.

    How can I get CEC on U3 working? Or is it perhaps not supported on U3?

    It is supported and working here.

    You must first setup the HDMI port in the file: /storage/.config/cec-hdmi-port.conf that *must* match the HDMI port on the TV *and* the one setup in Kodi. Once you have the right HDMI port setup on the file and in Kodi, CEC should work fine.

    I'm having regular crashes with the following symptoms:
    - ethernet is down (the lights are off)
    - the interface is dimmed out, and I cannot interact with it, but the time is correct, so things are still running

    The only way to solve it is to do a hard reboot (since I cannot ssh in the odroid nor use the interface to reboot).

    How can I help find the source of this bug?

    Are you using the latest version of the LE ODROID portage ?

    Plugin a keyboard and Ctrl + Alt + F1/F2/... do not switch to a console prompt ?

    The only way then is to plug a serial to USB cable to be able to log in while the ethernet is down and then view all relevant logs.

    To ensure that the problem is LE only, you can also restore an old know to work image on the eMMC module. If there is no Ethernet sudden shutdown, then the bug is in the LE portage to ODROID.

    The only file you need to download for a fresh install is LibreELEC-Odroid_U2.arm-8.0.0.img.gz in the eMMC folder for an eMMC install or in the SD folder for a SD card install.
    Then you use the LE graphical installer to install it on the destination of your choice.

    The .tar file is for updating an already installed ODROID-U3 box and the others for developers.