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    this only happens with Libre Elec versions .....

    i installed Openelec version on exact same PC and Live Leak works fine

    other addons with links to media also have behavior. Seems to happen more often if you click on link quickly

    if you let it sit for a bit, it works....

    after installed OpenElec and Updating to libreelec version using the update folder / reboot

    live leak is broken again

    if i downgrade back to openelec

    works fine

    anyone else with x86_64 on PC with live leak having same issues


    So, have a PC with Librelec installed

    been doing this since version 7 and does it a lot more in version 8.x.x

    LiveLeak addon

    playing video randomly and alot just causes black screen/black mouse (white outline)

    and about 10 - 15 seconds later, it reset back to main screen

    never does it with android kodi/windows kodi , just libreelec

    anyone else have same issues or a fix ?


    the menu delay i was experiencing is no longer there with this version (beta4) thx

    still have problem with an T95X (s905X) box and video geting all messed up when switching to and from SD/HD 720p and 1080 feeds.....
    constantly flicers between a "snowy' image to blue screen
    also same issue when trying to skip ahead

    nothing seems to transition smoothly as far as display goes .........
    what setting am i missing or is this standard with android to libreelec builds ?

    NOTE: ok, i have managed to fix problem. Video needed to be set to 1920 x 1080 30fps / instead of 60fps
    all smooth , including skip etc

    have a few issues with version 7 and 8. with kszaq builds for T95X 2x8gb box

    #1. When clicking on a stream or local file, the display will flutter from blue screen to "snowy" back to blue and then the actual stream/file will play. Very noticeable when switching to something SD more than something that is HD 720p
    video is currently set to ,1920x1080 60hz in system
    is this normal behavior for this version / on this box ?

    #2. When file or stream first starts, then menu bar at bottom (showing play/pause etc..) gets stuck for 10 to 30 seconds and remote does not respond (also, Working scroll may also appear and freeze for that time ) in the bottom right corner.
    is this normal ?

    #3. Back Button on remote stops functioning if i disable remote and touch screen option in Kodi
    leave it enabled and it works....

    anyone else have same issues and have it fixed and how ?


    not sure if this is the correct forum to post
    seems to be a big mashup of everyones' issues questions etc..
    not sure how its maintained.......... but

    I have use LE on a measy b4ts (7.xx.001 and 7.xx.005) versions and also on
    a new 2x8 A95X ( S905X ) with every 7.x and 8.x verson with the same type of behavior

    you go an play something online (hgtv or liveleak ....) and it get a "working" at the bottom right taht sits there for 20 secs to 1.5 mins and during this time playback is normal BUT remote does not respond to any requests until that delay is gone
    Other thing that is similar, is when you are in the middle of playback and you press it to pause, and play again...... the display that you see will not go away (not even wtiht back button). after about 20 secs to 1.5 mins again, that display will go away and remote functions again.
    just to note, it happens a lot with local files on file server....

    It behaves like something is using up CPU resources but you can't get into there to see it.....

    Anyone else see this behavior ??

    I love the Libreelec OS
    the problem i am having, and I'm not dumb LOL
    but, i am not seeing a search option

    I am looking to purchase an android box but want it only for libreelec and i find it overwhelming
    to see all the talk about chipset / devices etc... but cna't seem to ge tany info on specific boxes to see whether they work or not

    for example: would be nice to have a forum setup to say:
    hey, im looking at getting a Beelink Mini MXIII II 2gb/16gb with S905X
    just wondering if any files are available for this specific box and if its still Jarvis or Krypton etc..

    reason i ask is becuase i have another box with an s905 but can only get one file to work/ with 16.1 but nothing else
    all other files 'brick' the device or make it not bootable unless its a tutorial on how to flash different firmware.

    a special ask about your box here sort of forum
    people with the same box/or knowledge of the ins and outs can provide some more detail