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    thank you for another cool release. I have a question to all of you. Do any of you notice that GUI is not as smooth anymore as it was in Jarvis?
    When booted up the GUI smoothness is pretty ok and then becomes sluggish over time compared to Jarvis releases...I don't notice any abnormal RAM usage, just the transitions in menus are not so smooth? It's pretty much the same if I use it on USB or SD card - it works flawlessly on the same storage in Jarvis.

    I noticed something similar. Even video starts lagging if you scroll through the gui.

    I am using a 2g 16g S905, and I am experiencing one problem with h.264 videos via Live TV. If h.w. decoding is enabled, each time you try to watch Live TV, the channel just shows the first frame of video and audio for 5-6 seconds, and then freezes altogether. Changing channel does not help, you need to restart PVR in order for channels to change. However, same again, when you turn on a channel, it shows the first frame of the video and several seconds of audio, then freezes.

    Same with all PVR addons, and also with previous S905 alpha firmware versions.

    Any ideas?