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    Trying to figure out a couple things. I have the 32bit 7.90 alpha LE running on my s95 meta

    1. I see most everything on here is 64bit. On the freaktab forum for my device they seem to lean towards the 64bit variant. Should I prefer 64bit over the 32 for my device? I saw the note regarding addons and memory usage.

    2. The box will be used for kodi streaming mainly. Am I better off just running off of my 32gb uhs1 card or should I install to the internal memory? Any pros / cons to either?

    As said I have the alpha installed internally now, but the boot seems erratic. It'll hang on the tronsmart logo and I'll have to pull the power a few times before going to LE. The behavior was similar on the sdcard too. Is that due to the alpha or my device?

    I am curious if I should hold off on alpha LE for the time being? Could it be an issue with the 32gb card (setup with Rufus). I clean installed after flashing and wiping new Android firmware on the device.