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    I've gotten a new TV yesterday and connected my Odroid C2 to it. When I turn on the tv everything is working fine, but randomly when I stop playback the TV loses signal or starts flickering (black then the UI, then black, then the UI and so on). This happens randomly, but never takes longer than 4 playback stops. I'm running LibreELEC 9.0.2, resolution [email protected] I've tried changing the resolution to 1080p, but that only had effect of longer periods between signal loss/flickering (about 10 playback stops). I've also gone to a friend and collectively tried it on 4 different TVs, all had this problem. I've never noticed it on my old TV.

    Maybe of note - I have playback set to "Change refresh rate to be the same as video" (or something like that)

    When I turn TV off/on after "Signal lost" the picture returns, turning it off/on after flickering has about 50% success rate.

    The TV is an LG Smart TV from 2019

    Any idea what might be causing this?

    I was getting error in mount_storage on Odroid C2, when I did `mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 storage` it started up ok, I tried running e2label on the file system and there wasn't any label, so I ran `tune2fs -L STORAGE /dev/mmcblk0p2` and now it boots without a problem.

    When I have automatic next video playback enabled and amcoded hardware acceleration enabled the playback freezes on a black screen, a few seconds of audio from next file plays and I have to stop playback and select next file manually. The problem is only present when the next file is h265 or MPEG4 with lower than HD resolution (the MPEG4 can be easily fixed by turning the acceleration to only HD and up, but the h265 is a problem). I am running the latest alpha on Odroid C2.

    Update: the issue stops when there is a UI element on the screen. Also it seems it's not just freeze of video but the whole system

    Update 2: installed log viewer and the problem area seems to be this:
    ERROR: OutputPicture - failed to configure renderer
    WARNING: CRenderManager::Configure - timeout waiting for configure

    Update 3: with mimic skin there is also 1 second of video before freezing.... This is getting weird

    Update 4: this problem is present also with h264 videos, but is only noticeable with larger files, it freezes on a black screen for a bit, then speeds up the video to catch up with sound

    Solved by setting this: amcodec only HD and up for everything and HQ scalers for scaling above 0%