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    Probably your OpenPHT image uses another UUID. You have to edit grub.cfg and replace boot=UUID=2303-3709 with the UUID of your image. You can probably find out what it is by looking at the /syslinux.cfg file. Or if the label of the install media is OPENPHT you could also replace it with boot=LABEL=OPENPHT

    (In fact the LE install media is named LIBREELEC so you could just replace boot=UUID=2303-3709 with boot=LABEL=LIBREELEC if LE for any reason decides to change the UUID)

    I built grub-efi. Just extract this to /EFI/BOOT on LE installation media: MEGA
    Extract all files to /EFI/BOOT/ on install media.
    After install: copy grub-postinstall.cfg as grub.cfg and bootia32.efi to where /dev/sda1 is mounted, probably /flash/EFI/BOOT/ (you can boot LE live and ctrl-alt-f3 to do this) After this LE will be able to boot from HDD. I only wasted time on this so that I have a way to boot the install media with my 1. gen Mac minis in the future:) These 1.Gen machines don't support legacy USB boot, only EFI USB BOOT.

    I'll test LE8 with my Mac mini 2006 with upgraded c2d cpu later.

    Unfortunately that didn't fare well.
    copied over 32bit efi as bootia32.efi (1gen Mac minis only recognize "boot.efi" on HFS+ partitions)
    copied over ldlinux.e32

    Shows up when I hold option/ALT-button when I restart the Mac, but when I choose it, everything just freezes for a little while, then reboots.

    There are 2 requirements for booting a 64bit kernel on a pc with 32bit efi. The bootloader has to support efi handover protocol and that config_efi_mixed is enabled in the kernel.

    Syslinux implemented the Efi handover protocol almost a year before efi mixed mode was mainlined in Linux 3.15. Both commitments were from the same author.
    efi: implement Linux kernel handover protocol support · geneC/[email protected] · GitHub
    EFI mixed mode []

    I'm not saying you're lying but I kinda doubt that you really checked it out.

    I can't check it right now but I also believe CloudReady and Parted Magic use syslinux and are able to boot 64bit kernel with a 32bit efi. I even made my own live-boot stick and used syslinux to boot 64bit kernel with my first gen mac mini's (I've upgraded the cpu from coreduo to core2duo)

    Syslinux supports this too. (as do all efi booters, they don't care what they're booting, it's up to the kernel afterwards to support this, and the LE kernel does support it)

    You should download syslinux-6.04-pre1.tar.gz
    Rename the syslinux.efi under efi32 directory to boot.efi on the install stick (and maybe afterwards you have to copy it to the install destination too) I have not tried it, but I cannot see why it shouldn't work.

    I did create a build for ATV based on LE 7.0.2 and my github branch has 99% of the changes, but in my opinion the end result wasn't great and it's not something I am prepared to publicly support (too many other things to sweat time on) so I made a decision to not release it. AFAIK Sam is still releasing OSMC for AppleTV so maybe look at that option.

    Hi Chewitt. I have compared Isengard to Jarvis and to be honest Jarvis is a little better in everything. Just seems a little bit more stable on the ATV and even less audio hiccups/sync issues.

    Maybe it's LE itself that has become "bloated"? (in the context of the ATV). Building Jarvis on same OE base as the Isengard release should yield similar results, but that's just a guess.

    I took a stab at converting the patch to Krypton. It starts just fine, but forwarding would give a jerky picture, which a slight backward skip would fix. Couldn't figure out what the problem was, and I don't have enough programming skills to debug properly or to write new code.