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    Go to settings add-ons, expert mode and enable unknown sources... New feature implemented into Kodi 17...

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    i have mx2 running ember from way back then. im trying to get this build on. its not letting me flash. do i need to go back to anroid first?

    Ok got it to flash but it stays stuck in this screen

    Flash this file: MEGA
    If you dont want to or don't have android zip file to flash.
    After a clean install, try re flashing LibreELEC file. I did, and it worked the second time around, after flashing Back to OpenELEC, then Re flashing LibreELEC

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    I came straight from Android. Will reflash and try again, thanks.

    I just tried again straight from Android using update&backup without factory_update_param.aml this time and it still goes to Error in mount_flash.

    I have 1GB Mini MX v1.

    Reflash toothpick method.. not through back up update.. I reverted back to Android then I reflashed again with all Scripts through the toothpick method. When I did that it finally took...


    I've read what to do if I get "Error in mount_flash: mount_part: Unknown filesystem". All I have on SD is aml_autoscript and when I use toothpick method nothing happens.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Same thing happened to me, did the install. Got the same error, did the whole aml_autoscript. With toothpick and like you nothing happened. Had to revert back to ANDROID, let it boot up. Then did the LibreELEC installation again. Success 2nd. Time around...


    004 is better as 003?
    Worth to update it?

    Not if you have a K1-Plus box. I updated to it from 002 and it messed my box up.. so i returned back to a self built version of 003. It would not shut off or reboot from power options menu. Had to pull the plug to shut off. And loss total control of the remote. Messed up video playback and boot up showed some type of log cat scrolling over the LibreELEC splash screen Everytime i would turn on the box. So far 003 is perfect for the K1-Plus box. Everything seems to perform better with 003. Remote, power, Video... Kodi much more responsive....


    Did u not read correctly what I wrote, I said non FAT32... Formatting to FAT32 will give you errors on files larger than 4gb. That's why I suggest ext4....
    What I've done was format a 32gb. USB stick to EXT4 and set the Quasar caching directory to the USB stick connected to my Android box.. like so:

    Its been working great on my K1 plus 1/8th of Ram device so far no error's on my end. But thats just me..

    Good Luck on you End.... [THUMBS UP SIGN]


    I'm using sd card version and I do not know if it's right, but when I playing full HD video using quasar (8gb average) the device is moving very slowly. Each click responds only after half a minute.

    My sd card: SanDisk class 10 16gb.

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    Did you set the quasar video caching directory in the add-ons settings to a non Fat32 partition, has to be an EXT formated partition. You can use the video directory of your home folder of your SD Card that way quasar can cache Whatever video you're watching because if you don't it's going to Cache that video onto your Memory..


    Permanently install it on My K1 Plus, 1gb. Ram device. After test driving the SD bootable Version. I went on and compiled a build on my LinuxMint Machine.


    Remote Works, Playbacks great, Ram hasn't been a issue as yet. Turning on off, rebooting works great.


    Running it from SD Card on my K1Plus S905 1GB Ram Device. Everything running smoothly so far. The remote issue? No problem.. I have a Logitech k400 keyboard and the Yatse apk remote on my phone... Thanks for this build awesome....

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    thanx for info i will try update before i reinstall a new system on new HDD

    Make sure you have the proper tools installed on your Linux PC..

    Follow instructions on this image along with:

    sudo apt-get install build-essential

    sudo apt-get install git

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    This is a Community WeTek Play Builds of LibreELEC if any one interested in trying out..



    Update Tar:


    Trying to learn how to compile, typing make in the terminal to build is easy. I would like to learn what it takes to edit a build. (Does it require editing the make file). Add or remove a feature or what not. Will there be a thread on how we as a community learning to compile can come to? Some sort of in depth compiling how to thread... That would be awesome if one of the Devs, or someone in the community with know how can write one out on this great forum.


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