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    it was Netflix at my sis's place but I use GooglePlay to watch 4K/HDR Movies at home. I don't know the bitrate of GP's streams but YouTube 4K streams to my TV at 60Mbps, I'd guess it's the same for GP. That's 60Mbps in VP9 (which is almost as efficient as HEVC) vs the typical BR's 30Mpbs in AVC.

    The kids watched WonderWoman and Spiderman's homecoming yesterday. I was curious and watched the (37MB and 28MB) BR rips of the movies just to compare. It wasn't even close. The 4K/HDR streams has noticeably more details (the colours are way better too, but that's HDR). The 4K picture is just better at 3m from the TV. Not night and day, but significantly better to my eyes. Even the kids agreed.

    In my case where I sit 4.5m from the 70” screen, it would be a waste of time upgrading unless i want to sit closer and under 2.72m from the screen.

    That table must be from someone with really bad eyesight. I watched "Pacific Rims" the other day and when the stream switched from 1080p to 4K, everybody noticed even if we sat 3m from the TV.

    Over xmas, I was at my sister's place. We watched some netfix-hd 3m from her 70" TV. Man, it was disgustingly ugly! 3 metres from that 70" Sharp, only 4k stuffs look good.

    I'd say the distances in that table are the absolute worse cases and not the "optimum" distances. So with a 65" TV, if you watched 1080p further than 2.5m, the lack of details would not be significantly enough to stop you from enjoying the movie. OTOH, if you sat closer than 2.5m, the picture would be so grotesque that it could ruin the experience. Of course, it all depends on the video/movie.


    More newbie question:

    What are the pros and cons of running LE on the M8S Pro L vs the Odroid-C2 (other than GigE)?

    Which one is better with HEVC? subtitles? Mpeg2 (OTA TV) streams? DTS (passthrough and downsampling)?

    Which one is more compatible with the Minix A2?

    Which one has Harmony support?


    I currently run (an old version of) LE on a PI3 and it's pissing me off. PVR Client for HDHomerun is so buggy! CEC is not working with my TV (Vizio P). Jumping back and forth in the video is slow (video files are on NFS.) Looking for a (future proof) upgrade...

    I have M8S Pro L (s912) 3/32. Internal: Nexus Stock TV Rom, On SD: LE 8.9.11a with use of internal storage. It works perfekt, no stutter at all.

    used codes for internal storage via putty:

    e2label /dev/mmcblk1p2 "SD_SPEICHER"
    e2label /dev/data "STORAGE"


    Do you have to "root" the box first before you can ssh/putty to it? what's the password (for root?) to login via ssh?

    Does CEC work? i.e. can the volume buttons on the remote change the TV volume?


    please help the newbie here. I'm looking for a 4K LE box.

    • NVidia Shield with remote: seems really nice but has a fan!!! I'm not a fan of fan.
    • ODROID-C2: highly acclaimed but seems very long in the tooth! which device is the heir of the C2?
    • Meecool M8S Pro L: nice device but no GigE.
    • Minix U9-H: is there an easy way to install LE directly on the internal emmc? I.e. make it a LE only box?


    1. noiseless with Kodi
    2. Kodi (latest and greatest) with HEVC and 4K
    3. HDMI-CEC
    4. Frame switching
    5. GigE
    6. usb or full size SD Card slot.
    7. snappy Kodi interface
    8. Stability and future Kodi support
    9. Can handle mpeg2 streams from HDHomerun
    10. DTS/DD51 passthrough and downsampling.

    Nice to have:

    1. Android TV
    2. HW Mpeg2 (for streams from HDHomerun)
    3. HDR
    4. Netflix HD
    5. Youtube 4K


    I just bought a new HDR 4K TV (Vizio P series)

    I'm looking for a box/board that supports the TV's capabilties:

    • libreelec or something similar, no android
    • 4K at at-least 30Hz
    • HDR10, DolbyVision a plus
    • 10bit HEVC decoding
    • Real Ethernet, GigE a plus
    • decent CEC
    • DTS bitstreaming
    • Can handle HD audio, extracting and bitstreaming the DTS core is acceptable.

    Thank you