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    As far as I know there is a memory leak in 32-bit builds but much less recognizable and therefore not noticeable at all. That said developers with much more skills are looking into fixing the leak.

    Thanks for the update :) I can live with that perfectly as long as it is not appearing :)

    The mentioned Kodi version is for Android and uses WeTek's DRM capabilities in Android. In LE you can try using unofficial plugins: LibreELEC

    Wow, just wow :) thanks so much for that information :) Exactly the thing I was searching for :)

    Official LE uses LIRC for the remote, whereas my builds use amremote.

    And I really love your build for using amremote, for the rest of course too :) But with ur builds my remote is so much more responsive, the system feels really snappy and fast on my Hub compared to any other build or Android I have put on it :)

    Thanks again for your great work and the effort you out in those builds :)


    PS I guess this build is 32Bit only? Hope you will stay on 32Bit as there is no mem leak reconizeable at all :)
    PPS In this thread here in the Kodi Forum a Kodi 18 build is mentioned where the inputstream is working again with Amazon Video, any chnace to get those changes into your build?

    go with that one here: LibreELEC
    very stable on my Hub not a single hanging or issue in playback or network. Really awsome release and with the Hub's ir extender the remote is super responsive, very satisfied :)

    Important is to take the 32Bit Version.

    Here is a quick setup for the Hub:

    download this: LibreELEC-S905.arm-
    Burn on MicroSD with this:  direct link (Windows Image Writer)
    Replace the "dtb.img" in the root of the SD card with this: gxbb_p200_1G_wetek_hub.dtb (by renaming it to "dtb.img" before copying and overwriting it on SD card)
    Boot from SD Card
    Setup everything to test Libreelec on your Hub
    Once satisfied, I suggest to install on NAND (ssh to Hub and start command "installtointernal")
    Done :)

    Hope that helps.
    You get a very stable Kodi 16.1 and an very stable Libreelec base.

    Hello together,

    currently I am using the community build from kscaq 32Bit version as with this version the memory leak is not appearing.
    But I would like to switch to the official builds for the Wetek Hub, just curious if the official build will switch to 32Bit or maybe the mem leak has ben fixed?

    If someone could give some info here it would be great :)