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    Thank you for the extensive information you provided. 4K and HDR are a low priority issues for me because there are still other things to solve and I don't have equipment to test. I have a few ideas for these but you really need to wait. Or PR fixes, which would be very welcome. :)

    I wish I could help, but linux and amlogic hardware isn't my forte, unfortunately.
    I took a look at the code and I really doubt I could provide fixes, at least for the issues I listed above, I wouldn't even know where to start.

    After about a week of testing there seems to be a few issues with my Sunvell T95M S905X box. It's connected to a Vizio M60-D1 display using the latest firmware. And I have used the included dtb file.
    I'm not sure if it's simply a S905X limitation, something is wrong with my particular box or something that can possibly be corrected\patched\worked-around in LibreELEC.
    I understand that 4K is still experimental, I hope this info can help track down issues. I would also like to help in testing solutions, if you're interested.

    1) When HDMI output is set to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] H.264 clips create weird artifacts where some frames seem to be shifted to the side. This includes both the video and Kodi OSD. I was able to recreate it with any [email protected]/60FPS H.264 clip.
    It doesn't happen if output is set to [email protected] or anything below 4K from what I could see.

    2) [email protected] videos in any codec don't play well, there's a lot of frame drops and buffering going on. It buffers even in really low bitrate stuff, like Buck Bunny. (but this issue is not limited to LE, I had the same problem on Android, so maybe it's a S905X issue?). I tried it with H.264, HEVC and VP9 videos, HDR and SDR, all behave in the same way.
    The thing I found odd is that [email protected] videos play perfectly fine, and of course 24, 25, 30FPS play fine as well.

    3) This issue happens on Android as well, and could be a display/box compatibility issue, but I'll get it out there. When I play an HDR10 video, the display switches into HDR mode, but when the video ends or I stop it, it doesn't switch back out. This only happens when the refresh rate is NOT changed (when I play 30FPS or 60FPS videos). If I play a 24P video with auto refresh matching enabled, when the display switches back to 60Hz once the video stops, the display goes back to non-HDR mode.

    4) VP9 Profile 2 (from the Kodi wiki Sample page) and HLG videos do not trigger HDR mode.

    Other than that everything else has been perfect so far, thanks a lot for your hard work!

    The TV won't expose a 120Hz option, but you can add one manually.
    I tried it and it works, I used it to see what my display would do when fed 50Hz signal, as it seems to block refresh rates not in the EDID with the latest firmware :(

    Copy your whole list to a new disp_cap file per instructions and add 1080p120hz in the list.

    I tried adding it to the disp_cap file, but it doesn't show, so probably not available. Was just a though. O well.

    Adding it where?
    Connect to your box with putty and run the following command, you'll get an output like mmpp posted.

    cat /sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap

    You have to do that when the TV is on.

    I have a Sunvell T95M, which has a front display that can show time and some other info about the device.
    It works on the stock Android that comes on the box, but not with LE. I have LE installed on an SD card, so the stock Android is still there.
    Does anyone know what it would take to get it working with LE as well? I assume there's some sort of driver on Android which makes it work, maybe it can be ported to LE?

    You might have tried to find 30 seconds of your time to read the Changelog and known issues which would answer the KNOWN issues you asked about.
    It would have taken you less time than writing all the observations you just wrote.

    Yes, you're right and it's my bad.
    But except the known issue of dark menus until first video playback, the general statement that HDR is still buggy, which is understandable, I thought that maybe my results could help.

    See this post:

    Sadly I don't have the time to go over all of the LE threads for the S905X so I just wanted to post my findings so far and a few questions:

    I have a Vizio M60-D1, currently on firmware. The box I got is a Sunvell T95M (2GB + 8GB), with a S905X processor.
    I got this box specifically for HDR and the possibility of having the front display in the future. Obviously right now it works in Android, but not in LE.

    To the issues I found so far:
    1) After a reboot, Kodi GUI is very dark until I start a video or IPTV stream. Once a video starts playing the GUI brightness goes back to normal.
    Now the other two issues I am not sure what's at fault, the TV or the box, but anyway:
    2) At [email protected] HDR does not engage. If I manually switch Kodi to [email protected] and disable refresh rate switching, I get HDR in 30FPS and 60FPS videos. 24FPS HDR video plays fine because it switches the TV down to 24Hz.
    3) At [email protected], 4K H264 files, such as this one. It plays, but there are a lot of artifacts (including Kodi OSD) going on the screen. It looks like parts of the image are being displayed in a different places on the screen. If I set it to [email protected] and disable refresh rate switching, the videos play perfectly fine. There's no problem playing 30FPS or 60FPS 4K HEVC files at [email protected]
    *) If you need me to run some tests, I can do that, so let me know. I'm currently on the (a) build, not (b). I don't use BT nor Wifi on this box, but it was able to pick up my and my neighbors WIFI routers, so I guess it works.

    Now to my questions:
    1) Does the box output 10bit 4:2:0 signal when displaying HDR? If not, what configuration does it use?
    2) I created a backup on my S812 box with LE on it, and after restoring the backup on the new box, at [email protected] and [email protected] the screen is cut off and the image looks like it's zoomed in. Is it possible to fix this without having to restore LE to defaults and configuring everything from scratch?
    3) What would it involve to get the front display on this box working in LE? I assume it uses some sort of driver, maybe it's possible to fish it out of the android that's still on the internal flash?

    I just wanted to thank you for the work that you do, I'm sure it takes a lot of time and effort.
    It's really impressive what can be done with $35-40 hardware.