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    I just tried Milhouse's latest LibreELEC build, and there is no OS level NFSv4 support.

    But there is Kodi-lever support, which I think is what the logs refer to.

    Thanks CvH, great to see NFS kernel support work happening. That would really be a superior option to mounting via Kodi!

    Hi. I'd just like to clear this up and check I've got it right:

    • there is currently no NFSv4 support in LibreELEC because of limitations with busybox (tested and confirmed in the current latest stable: LibreELEC (official): 8.2.5 (Generic.x86_64))
    • there is NFSv4 support in community builds such as Escalade's (along with a wide selection of extras)
    • there is NFSv4 support in test builds by Milhouse, such as this Kodi 18 Leia build #0111 (cf. change log)

    So my choices are to go with a community build or a test build, to get NFSv4 support.

    I also understand that Milhouse's test builds are designed to test features that will be included in LibreELEC official, so does this mean NFSv4 is planned to come to LibreELEC official? This is in contradiction to what Irusak was saying:

    possibly in the future. However busybox mount does not support nfsv4 so it would require switching to util-linux and adding nfs-utils which isn't really desired at the moment.

    Clarifications welcome :) Thanks!

    I just had this issue after upgrading from fedora 24 to 25. the only difference i know of is that now i am using a Wayland session instead of X? this trick worked, but i wonder if it is a wayland related issue.

    Yes, this completely has to do with Wayland, which is now the default graphical server in Fedora 25.
    Wayland, by design, does not let another user (root in our case) access what our user is doing in their session on the graphical server. So when root tries to open its window in another user's (ie: our user's) graphical session, Wayland (rightly) denies it.

    The fix suggested,

    xhost +

    allows any and all users to access the current users' graphical session.

    If you find this a bit much, you can allow only root to access your current session, with the following:

    xhost si:localuser:root

    Once you've finished using the app you want as root, you can remove root from the list of allowed users with:

    xhost -si:localuser:root

    Hope this helps. At the end of the day, a better solution (using the suggestions in this bug: Bug 1274451 – sudo with graphical apps doesn't work on wayland) should probably be used, as this is really just a workaround (and end-users shouldn't have to be doing this).