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    Decoder pipeline in Kodi is very different between Jarvis and Krypton, network speed has nothing to do with high bitrate videos stuttering.

    OK, I did not know that you already ruled this out...


    Jarvis build with my Frankenstein Nougat kernel plays these files smoothly.

    What is that?! :D

    Is there maybe a simple way to test and compare (quantify) the network performance between Jarvis and Krypton?
    Some SSH command to measure up/down Mbit/s?

    I have the same problems with 8.0.1e,downgraded to 8.0.1c and everything works flawless.Check 8.0.1c and see.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did that - see my comments in the quote.
    Apart from that: There are occasional (rare, but still annoying) frame skips in high bitrate 1080p content in 8.0.1c.
    All those high bitrate 4K and HDR testvideos won't skip a single frame in

    It seems to be boiling down to network performance. Maybe too much overhead in Krypton?
    I access the same files both in Jarvis and Krypton on my NAS. I use the NFS protocol in both builds too.
    Box is a Mini M8S II S905X, so I know, LAN speed is limited.

    However, using the famous "bird" videos to illustrate this ():

    Jarvis: fine
    Krypton: fine

    Jarvis: fine
    Krypton: a few frame skips

    Jarvis: fine
    Krypton: massive frame skips

    Jarvis: fine
    Krypton: massive+ frame skips

    Jarvis: fine
    Krypton: I did not even bother to test

    10 bit output never worked on Krypton.
    I also sometimes get frozen video, but only after excessive skipping (like 5-10 chapters in rapid succession). Using the seek bar seems to work better.

    That is sad about the 10 Bit in Krypton.
    I am comparing to Jarvis - the 10 Bit output works perfectly in

    I think the "backskipping freeze" comes sooner when it's a high bitrate video.

    I also witnessed the following issues, are these known?
    - Skipping back (chapters) causes the video to freeze (1080p23.98 H.264 BD remux).
    - Colorbanding in HDR testvideo -> no proper 10 Bit output anymore?

    Those are also Krypton only issues.

    I had a bit more time for testing today.

    Unfortunately Krypton is still not an option for me.
    Does the dev build represent the best possible Krypton right now or are my issues maybe linked to this build and don't exist in 8.0.1e?

    Here is my list:

    Advantages of Krypton dev over
    + No "dark GUI" before a video is played.
    + Left edge overscan is gone.
    + 59.94 fps video plays hardware-accelerated.
    + 23.98 fps, 29.97 fps and 59.94 fps are available as GUI refresh rates.

    Problems in Krypton dev, which do not exist in
    - High bitrate 1080p videos (e.g. BD remux with DTS-HD MA audio) trigger random frame skips.
    - High bitrate UHD videos (e.g. various Samsung/LG/Sony demo videos) trigger random frame skips and random black screens.
    - HDR videos keep triggering the TV's HDR logo after the black screen as if the video stream is completely lost and then picked up again.
    - The black screens seem to be limited to "higher" refresh rates (29.97 fps, 50 fps, 59.94 fps and 60 fps). I did not see black screens in the Samsung HDR Wonderland clip, which is 23.976 fps.
    - There seems to be a bit of an input delay when navigating the GUI and video overlay.
    - In some videos a/v seems out of sync, I have not figured out a pattern yet.
    - Random remote inputs kept being triggered (e.g. page up/down or back) although none of the buttons were used (external MCE USB remote). I worked around that by using the box's remote.

    I think I ruled that out before by blocking the box's IR receiver - however, I'm not sure anymore...
    I'll try that again so thanks for the suggestion. :)

    In early 8.0 builds I even had random actions triggered without any remote inputs, but I did not see any of those yesterday.
    Needs more testing...

    I started testing kszaq's latest dev. build last night.
    First impression is very positive.

    - Chroma upsampling test pattern looked very good.
    - Audio was perfectly in sync (regular AC3).
    - 23.976 Hz was displayed properly.
    - GUI seems very responsive.

    So far so good. :)
    I will continue testing within the next few days.

    However, I am still facing issues with my external USB IR receiver.
    Does anyone else experience that?
    Sometimes pressing a button triggers a double action, sometimes an additional random action like play or left/right/up/down is triggered in the menus...

    It is a cheap USB IR remote to emulate keyboard/mouse actions which works fine with the Raspberry Pi.

    Btw: does anyone using these builds have a LG OLED TV and problems getting 23.976 fps videos to play really smoothly. Because I do. I'm not talking about the typical motion blur but about very little stutters for a short time here and there. First I thought that's because of bad settings I set in KODI on my windows computer. Then I switched back to KODI Jarvis, turned of "adjust display refresh rate to match video" and turned on "sync playback to display". That looked a little weird at first but the stutters didn't appear so often.
    Now on my S905X Amlogic box using Libreelec I tried various builds to get perfect 23.976 fps playback but I think the stutters are back and my TV isn't even capable of displaying at that refresh rate in a proper way. Setting the same settings in Libreelec as I did on my windows computer with KODI Jarvis doesn't give me the same smooth playback at all.

    I have an LG OLED too (65B6V), 23.976p playback works great (at least with - again, 8.0.1e not tested yet), just as well as it does with the RPi2.

    Make sure that besides "adjust display refresh rate to match video" in Kodi, "Real Cinema" is activated on the TV. This enables the TV's 120Hz mode and gets you 5:5 pulldown for 23.976p / 24p.

    If you need more smoothness than that, maybe try LG's frame interpolation "Tru Motion".

    So with both and 8.0.1e for S905X, refresh rate switching doesn't work ... I'm surprised this isn't a bigger issue. Can anyone confirm if refresh rate switching is working correctly on their S905X box?

    Refresh rate switching is definitely working properly on with my S905X.

    I have not tested 8.0.1e yet, but I will do that soon.

    Can somebody help me and explain how to pair a PS3 controller with the box?
    Either in Jarvis or Krypton...
    I did install retroarch successfully and I wanted to test the controller now, but it's not showing in either Jarvis or Krypton as BT device...

    What do I have to do?

    Never mind - I think it was just discharged...
    It does show up in the BT devices list now. :)