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    LE 8 doesnt support that way anymore, search forum or maybe
    a user with your box can give you
    A clue what it needs to be done.
    Did you try flash .img into an sdcard?

    Yes it does...

    PROJECT={ProjectName} ARCH=arm DEVICE={DeviceName} make amlpkg

    That will create the .tar, .img.gz and .zip files... The is placed inside the final .zip file after being signed with the cert by the build image script.

    One could download the .tar and extract out the KERNEL and SYSTEM files from the /target directory and put them thru the same process to create the file too.
    You would need a recovery.img, the signapk files, update-binary, updater-script to do it...


    Can you get your source up on Github ?

    I've been doing S802 M8 builds for a couple of months now. First started using drieschel's and surkovalex's source as a starting point. But, moved my last 2 builds to a fork of kszaq's source...

    I have source and builds up for 7.0 [Kodi 16.1] and 7.9x [Kodi 17 RC3]...

    I did a few patches for some Bluetooth issues, Power Off, Suspend and Temp/Thermal...
    I also did a patch for the built-in LibreELEC Update code to point to my own Web Site directory. Since the Official Update Server has no Amlogic Project's or Devices.

    I'd be interested in working with you for hosting your builds and trying to work it into my Update Server if you'd like. I only have an S802 M8-2Gb device (Matricom G-Box Q).

    My source is here - GitHub - DoritosVodka/ Just enough OS for KODI
    My Update Server Releases location - Index of /LibreELEC/releases

    OK, compiled surkovalex latest from this morning Amlogic Project, G_Box Device. He has it version stamped as 7.0.3...

    I see it has a bunch of the Kodi and Linux Patches from kszaq's builds...

    But, it has some missing items from others...

    CPU Temp is broke (not using the patch for the AMLogic changes).
    Poweroff/Shutdown still Reboots the unit (does not have the modified patch from kszaq's S805 meson8b).
    Suspend/Resume breaks Bluetooth, have to restart the bluetooth service.
    Does not have a separate HDMI Audio output for passthru selection. Uses the SPDIF output which internally goes out the HDMI anyway.

    Let me see what I can do with this and I'll post an update zip when I get it all worked in. It'll be something you can try and test for now.

    I just noticed surkovalex updated their Git Source libreelec-7.0-S8xx Branch about an hour ago.

    New Linux Kernel and G_Box Device also looks to be using the hotplug Scaling governor instead of performance. Downloading now and will compile to check out.

    The PowerOff "fix" I used was a Linux Kernel patch from kszaq's S805 source (add_meson8b_power_off.patch). Modified for the meson8 and it seemed to work.. So, it's a source code modification to the Linux Kernel build. No "easy" way to implement without building from source.

    I did a test last night and downloaded and used the AEON MQ 7 skin on my unit. Temps did run a little higher then the default Confluence skin. But, I was able to run it without any issues.

    I'll update with the results from surkovalex's latest source...

    I also have the Matricom G-Box Q. I've tried both drieschel's and Kerber's (aka. surkovalex) builds and source.

    Your temp's are about the same as my unit. Both of these builds are set to use the Performance CPU Freq Scaling Governor. So, the CPU is pretty much running at Max speed all the time. Kerber/surkovalex actually sets this in the Kernel Boot command line too.

    As for the remote issue, the 7.0.2 ZIP from drieschel has the correct remote file in /etc/amremote , it's just the wrong filename. He corrected this in latest GIT source. You could just copy /etc/amremote/amremote.conf to /storage/.config/remote.conf with drieschel's current 7.0.2 ZIP install.

    I've also had issue with Kodi locking or crashing randomly using both builds.

    I had issues resuming from suspend mode with both builds, mainly bluetooth and wifi functionality. As you know neither actually PowerOff, they suspend since PowerOff just reboots the unit.

    I've used the GIT source from drieschel, Kerber and latest from kszaq.

    I've kind of created my own using Kerber/surkovalex source for the Amlogic/M8 project with kszaq's latest linux and kodi patches for S805 and S905 and modified what was needed for the meson8 linux kernel build. I'm still load testing it...

    I prefer surkovalex's project since it had HDMI Audio for passthru support right away.

    So far the Power off is working now (does not cause a reboot).
    Still testing some things to try and get suspend/resume stable and functional.