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    Hey, I am using Librelec on my S905x, and installed Hyperion from the Libreelec library but now the leds get no light when in video, I keep getting this error : AMLOGICGRABBER ERROR: Failed to retrieve video state from device: Invalid argument . Anyone had this problem?

    Hello, I installed LibreELEC using recovery, it boots but in the LibreELEC startup guide thing after I press the first next I can't press the next button anymore, the only thing I can hear it's the Kodi sound like when you're pressing the menu. What I should do?

    Managed to install LibreElec on my android tv box with s905x, but I want to use Hyperion with it, only with the mediabox and a arduino. How I use the hyperion so I can plug the arduino in the media box and use it like that?

    After using the toothpick method my m8s2 goes in a black screen where I can only write stuff, nothing else happens. It has s905x. Used rufus to burn the img.gz to an sdcard and then copied the dtb.img. Anything I would do I end up in the black screen.

    Hey, I have a m8s2 that it's using S905X and I can't manage to get it into booting. I downloaded gxl_p212_2g.dtb, renamed it into dtb.img. Downloaded and used Rufus to make it bootable on a usb. moved dtb.img to the boot thing that has 500mb and inserted the usb in the mediabox and used the toothpick method but it gets into the stock image then i get a black screen where I can write. The screen is totally black and lights up only when I write something.What I should do?