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    Great !!!

    Just as I feared, there might be a lot of people complaining why their device is not in the list, like geogiraux and I understand them.

    I know it's frustrating but those are ALPHA builds intended for debugging so of course the most used devices will be provided first.

    Keep up with the good work guys !!!

    I'll do some testing on my RPi3 (only supported device of mine for now) and give feedback

    As soon as the list expends (to the devices already supported by the installer) I'll test other devices

    Thanks guys !!!!!

    kimbaz I must say that I shut it down after use and almost never let it run more than a few hours

    kino13 I'd love to help you, what is your need ?

    Here is my complete answer:

    I use the HDMI for audio as it is the only connection able to provide HD sound (having all the matching hardware behind it)

    I move away from optical a few years ago now when I upgraded my system to HD compliant

    Before that I was using a usb to optical dongle on a Chromebox

    I can look for the dongle infos in my archives if you want

    wrxtasy Waow your TV USB provides enough power for the odroid !!! Nice

    When I had my RPi 1 connected that way I had bad side effects of power on/off

    Now I have an HD sound bar between the 2 devices and I doubt it will offer enough power

    I'll try tonight, could be fun !!!

    kimbaz I'm using This One

    You should definitely try with a better power supply before changing other stuff (I never had cores stopping, never noticed any slow down that would suggest it either)

    Especially if you have USB devices (power hungry stuff in general) plugged in (personally I do not, just a keyboard)

    I have done massive library refreshes with several thousands of media of all kind and it was always fast and smooth

    Personally again no way to spend that much en eMMC where my 5$ (shipping included) 16GB microSD performs perfectly

    Same storage in eMMC is 25$ without shipping

    kimbaz It seems the power adapter from hardkernel is 2A but I have been using a 3A for margin (and of course a 3A supply delivers a more stable 2A and with less consumption)

    I have tried more or less all the official skins from the Kodi repository and none slow anything down, even some with loads of images on screen (these are a tiny bit slower because of the loading of those images, there eMMC might help (I trust wrxtasy ) a bit but personally for the price difference I won't switch to eMMC just for that)

    Also I did not overclock my C2, I find it more than powerful enough not to stress it more than planned for, even though I have a fan on it (due to the Rpi 3 box I salvage for it)

    I recently acquired a second C2 (since I'm so happy with it), it sits in a RPi plexy box (no fan) and satisfies me just the same as the 1st one

    For me it's a huge step up fron RPi 2 and 3, even on a 1080p display

    And the RPi 3 fails to render the 4K properly even downscaled to 1080p

    I have had RPi 1 (second version, with more RAM and all) for some time, the moved on to RPi 2 and 3

    I was always happy but disappointed to have to optimize everything for a more or less smooth experience

    When I acquired my 4K display I had to upgrade my device and I followed the legendary page from wrxtasy : Pick the Right Kodi Box

    I did not care for looks, remotes or other than display (4k), sound (max possible), efficiency and the original Kodi experience (no fork)

    So for me that's (almost) the only choice

    And I'm like wrxtasy I do not use attached disks, only a NAS

    I think your C2 is underpowered by your power supply (you should find and use a 3A or more)

    I have been so happy with my C2 for a while now

    No lag, no slow down etc even with full 4k (displayed as 4k or downscaled)

    No interface skin changed that either

    The eMMc module will mostly change you boot up time, not so much your perfs after boot

    I am using cheap chinese SD cards and won't change for anything else