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    I would guess that if you just wait after the display goes black, then it will eventually begin playing OK again (after the length of time of the skip has passed). I would be interested in having you confirm if you see the same behavior.

    Normal playback does indeed resume if I let it continue. In fact, normal playback resumes pretty much where it would if EDL skip was working normally. Basically it appears as though Kodi is blanking the screen and sound during EDL cuts instead of skipping.


    I'm running an Intel NUC with a MythTV backend and EDL no longer works for me with 7.95.2 whereas it was fine on 7.95.1. Show plays fine up until the first commercial skip. The display goes black but I can manually skip forward or back. Interesting observation about the timeline. I'll check mine and work on posting the logs.

    EDIT: logfiles here: Ubuntu Pastebin

    I ran into a similar issue on an older Intel Nuc. I found changing DRI to 2 in xorg.conf fixed it.



    I have a few Haswell NUC's that have served me well for the last few years. Up until 7.90.007 playing queued videos worked fine. However, with .007 and later, the second and subsequent videos often exhibit stuttering. This usually could be fixed by going to the Home screen then back to the video, or skipping to the next video and back again. Occasionally, the system would freeze or reboot if the stuttering was allowed to go uncorrected after multiple videos.

    Anyway after a bit of troubleshooting, I determined that setting DRI to 2 in xorg.conf resolved the issue:

    1. Option "DRI"        "2"

    I've been running with that setting for over a week now. Other than resolving my stuttering, I don't see any other changes to the picture quality. Hope this helps others.