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    Hardware: Atom 330 w/ Ion HTPC; was on 8.0.2 and no problem w/ any previous versions w/ this.

    After updated, it's got continuous button clicking itself so bad that the UI is no longer responsive or usable. I barely managed to move it a little bit then it won't do.

    I then updated my RPi2 from 8.0.0 to also 8.2.4 and also connected the same USB receiver w/ the MCE remote (both Microsoft original products as a set), no problem at all. So it isn't the remote or the USB receiver.

    So I don't know why that is. I rebooted the Atom 330 and it's still the same. In frustration, I wiped the box and put a Peppermint Linux 8 on it, no problem whatsoever. Strange.

    LibreELEC does not run on appletv.

    Sorry if I had implied as such. But at the same time, the title of this thread is LE 7.0 release, and this thread is under the AppleTV subforum. So really I think the argument is about the OP's title so I will let you guys sort this out among yourselves. I am just a user and a nobody in this realm.

    Many models under the Mi Box banner, first of all. They are all Android based. I do not know if any can load LE. I own the Mi Box 3, and it runs the Android TV as the International version (China version does not). I like it and I have Kodi and SPMC on it. But it is not LE, which this forum is for.

    You need one of those recommended boxes in the other forum (AmLogic e.g.) to install LE.

    I understand and agree. I actually bought an M8S II (less than $40. USD at the time), but still continue to use my Atom 330 Ion box or my RPi 2 box to run LE instead to run Kodi, instead of running Kodi in Android if I can help it. I notice that both Kodi / SMPC or Netflix has certain stutter / lag once in awhile on any of my Android devices, even my Amazon Fire TV Stick (not rooted). But that's out of the scope here.

    yes, If not I already owned my 2 x ATV1 160 boxes I wouldn't have bothered. I just don't have anywhere to repurpose them and I hate to junk them also.

    I would not have any problem running older Kodi versions, if not for certain add ons not supporting older ones.

    I also know that my M8X II can run an unofficial LE (learned from a sub-forum about AmLogic boxes here), but I don't want to sacrifice the Android side in case there are some apps that cannot run on the Amazon Fire TV stick (and there are some, that don't want to run on the M8S II! haha). Now I just order a Xiaomi Android TV box, and if that works very well, I might retask the M8S II to run LE. Which then that might relieve my expensive 64GB super fast MicroSD in my RPi 2 just for that, seems like a pity to have to use that in order to maintain performance on the RPi.

    Anyway I digress, but just want to share. Thanks chewitt, Soli and the LE community as well.

    Not trying to embarrass Chewitt here at all, but there is a new Linos launched in April that has Jarvis 16.1, and was published in the OS X sub forum on the Kodi forum (and yes, Chewitt commented there on it also! He said deja vu, hahaha!).

    Linos is based on Ubuntu 12.10, stripped way down. (and no PVR built in). I just tested it last night, works well.

    I am not going to write too much about that, as this is still the LE forum for ATV1, and I will leave it at that. If you are interested, find it in the Kodi subforum there.

    Thanks Chewitt for all the hard work anyway on LE. Much appreciated!