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    79bass: I can also confirm that device tree from 009 build works OK and audio works on Minix U1 - there are audio/sync issues though sadly for now.

    Thanks! but in 009 the gxbb_p200_1Gbit.dtb is gone. So I guess I should use the gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb instead.

    There is also a device tree in the .010, :P.

    Hopefully the audio sync will be fixed once the playback framework is sorted out completely in the following builds... it's still alpha after all.

    I was casually searching for a linux based system for my neo U1 (I use to have openelect on my defunct amlogic s802 machine, bought a minix neo u1 months ago and never had time to hack it), and I ended up here, cool. I always wanted to try the new default UI in Krypton, so I ignored the "stable" libreelect 7.0 that seems to work on the Minix Neo U1, and tried directly the latest 8.0-devel alpha build.

    So, my machine is a Minix NEO U1.
    firmware used: LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20161204210449-r24821-g9f57b18.img
    device-tree : gxbb_p200_1Gbit.dtb (from here)

    Got a random 2Gb USB, flashed librelec img, replaced the dtb.img, arrived home from the office, insert the usb in a random port: libreelect booted up, totally unexpected, super cool!

    Out of the box:
    Screen resolution is set to 3840×2160, fits perfectly.
    WiFi works, I was expecting not to, yay!
    can connect and control with the kore android app, can add remote sources, can downloads add-ons, can stream music and videos.. it just works
    HDMI-CEC is perfect (samsung 4k "curved" TV)
    3rd party remote with a "pointer" mouse and keyboard on the back works, pointer works, keyboard works. (I forgot to test the remote bundled with the box)

    Audio doesn't work
    the option is greyed out in the system settings and the only choice is Bluetooth/pulseaudio.

    I can't find any option that would enable HDMI passthrough, I think I could try to connect a bluetooth speaker to the box but it would be simplier to just wait for a fix.

    Untested is:
    Bluetooth, I just enable it, but forgot to test further... (I may gibe it a try with the speaker, next time I boot up)
    Ethernet, I can test it eventually, just to report, if needed.
    Live TV, I have an old AverTV A800 DVB, which I may try to connect to test dvb... but I'm not sure it is going to work ever, I don't even have an antenna...

    As a first test I'm very impressed!
    Is there a quick fix for the audio problem (eg some blob I need to place somewhere)?

    Good job and thanks!