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    you cannot do anything wrong by trying yourself.

    the back ground ones when music is playing would be great,also do u get problems with the remote not working on some boots? i pull the power and reboot then its ok,also is there a way to delay boot time? thank buddy

    1) I have no particular issues with remote
    2) I put all aarch64 LE addons I could build (58 out of 86) in addons directory same gdrive location as image.
    maybe the one(s) you need are there. I'll check if I can fix build for more...

    I am using this build with great success on my Mini M8S-II 2G /8G Box. I am reluctant to move to LE 8 as there are a lot of bugs to be ironed out.
    Everything works great. Thanks a lot. I want to try deluge instead of transmission . I know thoradia has developed it. but it is only for LE8. Will it be possible for you to develop deluge as an addon for your above Build. Just a request. if it is too much effort , then forget it. I will be using 64 Bit for as long as you keep building them. Thank you in advance.

    I have switched to building LE 8 only, ... I apologise.

    great 64bit build its the only one thats fixed the booting to just writing on the t95x i have (5 of them) i cant install anything from the libreelec addons is this fixable? thank u

    LE addons are currently pointing to
    Index of /addons/8.1/S905/arm/
    does not exist
    I do not know any URL populated with 64bit aarch64 libreelec specific addons. Maybe one exists for WeTek Play_2?
    Once I figure out, or someone tells me where, I can change build to use the ADDON_SERVER_URL in projects/S905/options.
    Myself I find most addons I need in Kodi repository. Some other ones I build myself.
    Which one(s) from LE repository are you after?
    Maybe I can build few more. But I cannot provide them by URL as repository, only by zip.

    added LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-8.0-devel-20170407000608-r25782-gcc7382b = 8.0.1d


    Thanks for asking.

    I should in fact perhaps repeat upon every update.

    - 64bit image is built from same code as 32bit one, all credits to our
    hero kszaq.

    - I never ran 32bit image. I suppose going from 64bit image to 32bit
    image or vice versa is similar. Also, I always run from external SD.

    Perhaps a clean install on dedicated external SD is safest approach.

    - 32bit image will need less memory.

    - 32bit image runs more addons. One cannot mix 32bit and 64bit code
    So only addons without any binary code can work on both.

    - 32bit image can also, should this ever be needed, use 32bit code
    from android partitions. I doubt however if such would ever be needed
    for average use. And I also doubt if it would work.

    - It may be harder to find some 64bit addons. One may need to build
    them oneself.

    * In short: 32bit image has many advantages. 64bit image has some

    That said. For my, agreed, simple usage, 64bit image with some TV
    related addons works just fine. The few other addons I need work fine

    I use 64bit LE primarily to allow me to maintain a gentoo 64bit
    stage3 chroot. And because I have sufficient amount of RAM. And
    because I have a 64bit machine.

    I would say, use at own risk.

    For people who for some reason want to try 64bit 8.0.1c : LE – Google Drive
    [built verbatim from kszaq repository]
    I also rebuilt some TV related addons (none were updated since 8.0.1a)

    I'm rebuilding 8.0.1c now to fix multichannel PCM audio.

    Can you tell when your git is up-to-date and which tag I will need for building (64bit) '8.0.1c + fix'?
    Or provide a pointer to the changeset of the multichannel PCM audio fix relative to '8.0.1c' tag?
    Thanks a lot.
    PS: when I built from '8.0.1c' tag (I assume without fix) yesterday, I encountered kernel build issue:
    'hdmitx_device' not declared
    (in linux-2921a14/drivers/amlogic/hdmi/hdmi_tx_20/hdmi_tx_video.c line 623)
    I replaced 'hdmitx_device' with 'hdev' 2 times as follows:
    if (hdmi_output_rgb) {
    param->color = COLORSPACE_RGB444;
    hdev->para->cs =

    I apologize for having to admit I never ran 32 so I have no experience with transitioning from one way to another.

    For people who for some reason want to try 64bit 8.0.1a : LE – Google Drive
    [built verbatim from kszaq repository]
    I also rebuilt some TV related addons (some were updated too)

    FYI: I run gentoo and build there. However, every now and then I have minor/major build issues as well.
    Especially since my gentoo is bleeding edge and sometimes presents build with newer host programs (e.g. gperf 3.1).
    It seems standard Android/LE/etc... build is debian/ubuntu friendlier.
    So now I have very minimal ubuntu chroot inside gentoo and I can build much easier (and equally fast).

    I never ran 32bit LE, but is said to be compatible with more addons, and it is less resource hungry.
    For example, it will presumably run better when one has, say, 1GB RAM.
    There should be no difference between 32bit and 64bit image
    (built from exact same kszaq code base repository on same git tag branch).
    So any incremental improvement (or issue) is common to both (on matching versions, that is).
    Also, there was a memory leak reported in 64bit image. And next, it was reported that a fix for such leak was found.
    I am not sure if this image 64bit code has the fix (and I am not sure how to check this).

    just guessing: tool is invoked as

    1. $ROOT/tools/dtbTool/dtbTool -o arch/$TARGET_KERNEL_ARCH/boot/dtb.img -p scripts/dtc/arch/$TARGET_KERNEL_ARCH/boot/dts/amlogic/

    maybe some if the command line argument files is missing?

    No difference in image functionality, only built using 64bit toolchain (after all S905/S905X is a 64bit machine).
    I assume the 64 mem leak is fixed, ... Of course, 64bit takes more RAM. But then, I have 2GB RAM.
    Also, 64bit will (unlike 32bit) not support certain 32bit addons (which may not have their 64 equivalent).
    All addons I personally need work, and some I build up to date myself (they are to be found same URL location).
    One reason why I keep running 64bit is because I have a chroot in which I maintain a stage3 64bit gentoo linux system.