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    Hi, I use this serie of builds and now specially the 8.0d one on my Nexbox A95X S905X (2G + 16G) box. Not Nand installed so it runs from SD. I don't no if it's an issue, but the bluetooth interface is always disable with these builds and I cannot find a way to enable it if possible. Can someone helps or clarifies on that.


    Hi kszaq, I'm just running the .010 version with 32bit userspace and a kodi custom build. It is not flashed in my box NAND (nexbox A95X S905X 2g/16g), but just running gently from the SD_Card slot. Is there any way to upgrade the SD_card to your new version without starting from zero ? If any, please a step by step guide will be very usefull to a bunch of us.


    Hello kszaq,

    Thank for your great work, very promising. I'm testing the last alpha build with Kriptoon on my nexbox A95X S905X 2g/16g (stamped on 2016-12-04) through SD-card. It starts well on my box but I can not install any local addon because the "installation from a zip" button does not work. Is this due to the alpha build stage ? I used to do that without any problem in your 7.02 serie's builds.