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    So I managed to fix the box and get it going again in android but in the whole process it seemed to me that I could kind of get v8rc4 working by using the boot recovery once with the written image in SD slot and then booting it from USB. However, it would not boot from SD - its like it wanted to and found the 1st partition and its like it couldn't find the 2nd partition. I think there is something there that could be fixed ?

    Also I prefer to use Kodi 16.1 for now so that means using v7.0.3 but that does not boot from either SD or USB. Again, once the box has had the first reboot-recovery done and picked up the AML script from v8rc4 it should be able to dual boot v7.0.3 also (?) - and v7.0.3 does not have the AML script, hence the convoluted way of first using v8rc4 - and again for v7.0.3 it is as if it boots the 1st partition and then cannot find the 2nd. I think this could be fixed ?

    If this could be fixed this would be so cool - its been ages since I thought about have libreelec (openelec then) running on S802 box as no one, up until now, has worked on this dual-boot problem, so I think its close (thank you !) but hoping the issue of not finding the 2nd partition and being able to use kodi 16.1 can be worked out. Thanks in advance.

    Select reboot from recovery

    That was not an option. The toothpick causes the reboot from recovery but all I get there is the standard android recovery menu.
    After more trying (I was originally using 7.0.3 which I noticed does not have an AML scriipt) I wrote 8RC4 to USB - still same thing - no go. I then wrote it so SD card and did a reboot recovery off SD and then put SD into a USB adapter, placed that in a USB port (I tried all 3) and eventually it booted up into Krypton v17 RC1. Success I thought ! But.....

    I then tried to reboot back into NAND and there was now no bootloader screen. Somehow the AML script kiils the bootloader in some way and now my box is bricked. Gutted.

    No I just burnt the img.gz file - it was happy I think etcher took care of burning .img ok as I check it after and it looked good. I will try it again unzipping .img from .img.gz but I dont think it will change things - but here goes ...... Oh and I also tried pressing the button in the AV hole too and that just took me to android recovery each time. Perhaps there is part of the process I am missing as I still dont understand how the box will know to look at USB and not NAND to boot from.

    Well I've tried ! I have 2 USB ports plus a mini-USB marked OTG port. I burned the img.gz file using etcher onto USB and tried it in all 3 ports. The box just boots to android each time. Surely there needs to be something to tell it to boot from USB instead of NAND (llike the script for the environment variable in kszaq's 905 builds told it to look to SD port). ? Thanks.

    I have "standard" Orbsmart Android image installed (with the Orbsmart bootlader) basically as that image works best for me, so would this bootloader work ? I am excited to try running LibreElec on my 802 but do not want (yet) to lose android on there as I do other things with it too. Thanks.

    Can any of these images for S802 (I have a 2Gb MX-iii by the way) be used to boot from SD card (like the kzsaq 905 builds) ? I would like to keep android on NAND and be able to boot LibreElec from SD-Card (like the kszaq images). Is this possible please ? If so how and which file(s) would I need ?

    Thank you.

    kszaq The 012 build is working fine on my mini-MX and Beelink mini-MXiii. I installed both from scratch on SD card. I have a question though, is there a way to enable the internal/remote mouse functionality ? This works on android but has never worked for me on libreelec on either of these 2 boxes. Thank you.

    Why do you even want to use that on LE? I see zero benefits from using the mouse on the IR remote.

    If you get a proper RF air mouse i know that works, i suspect the IR will as well but i purposely disabled the mouse in LE.

    In some builds/addons you need to click on things that the remote doesn't get to otherwise and I dont want yet another 'remote' it would just be nice if the pre-existing functionality was available. It doesn't work here on either of my boxes and would like it to.

    On a 1Gb RAM, 1Gbe LAN Mini-MX (not MXiii, just Mini-MX) I upgraded following instructions from .007 to .008 using gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit as my new dtb.img and following the upgrade all seemed to go well but I have lost the "Back" button remote functionality.

    Any ideas why this has happened ? Can I revert to the old .007 dtb.img and all would be well again ? Its fairly unuseable without a back button.


    So I've bought a Beelink Mini MXiii to replace my Mini-MX (as I couldnt get it to boot from USB with .006 or .007) BUT this new Beelink has a hole for a pin to put into recovery mode (for the AMLScript thing to be able to boot from SD/USB) BUT there is no button under the hole from what I can tell poking around.

    So the question is how to put it into recovery mode ? Thanks.

    well, that is Your case

    I have same MiniMX 1GB and .006 working like charm ( sdcard version ) , didnt try it install on usb

    Perhaps you could try it on USB so that we would know if it is only me ? Also what SD card are you using ? I am using Sandisk Ultra Plus which I thought were top class.

    Works fine for me on the USB port next to the mSD slot using gxbb_p200_2G_mini_mxg_2_16.dtb

    No, not for me. I have a 1Gb MiniMX (original I think - no MkIII or anything). No USB working and SD freezes up on exploring the menus. No good on this box.