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    is it posiible to add switch for reprogramming power off state to make EEP like previous state or possibility to downgrade eep in libreelec? I think it will be usefull to make possibility change:



    Thank you for consideration.

    Hello All Libereelec members.
    First of all, thank you for nice job.
    I have one issue, may be already reported, but I can not found it for 7.90.009 release version.
    When I tried to connect by 5GHz Wifi adapter, base on rtl8821AU chipset, there is connected message in the system, but you can not access to Raspberry pi3. Also DHCP server has no information about connected device. When I connect to 2,4 GHz wifi by same adapter, there is no problem.

    Please did some body recognize same problem, or is there any methot hot to solve this? On 7.0.2 Libreelec was everythink OK.

    Thank you for your kind help

    Best Regards