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    Just an observation in 8.1.7:

    At first the only difference between 1080 and upscaling to 2160 was that the color saturation on my TV has to be about 10 clicks higher without upscaling. But after playing some HQ movies I've came to the conclusion that; "things look the same, but don't feel the same.".

    So i did some more testing, and found that if i enable noise reduction on my TV, than i get some miner color bandings on 1080 but not on 2160. The only explanation I can come up with, is that some color dithering is consider as "noise", and when upscaling the image, color enhancement/dithering is applied after upscaling, to avoid the dithering itself to be upscaled.

    So letting the box do the upscaleing makes me feel better. ;)

    Look under his eye at pos. 0:35 when he's threading the needle.


    -edit-: What i'm trying to say is that a dither'd upscale is better than an upscaled dither. ;)

    8.1.7 is gone for now. So I will have to wait now for the official update ;)

    I searched for the autostart in the location storage/,config but it isn't there in 8.1.6

    Or am I looking in the wrong location?

    Thanks so far!

    Yes, /storage/.config/ is the place;) If it's not there, you have to create it.

    Update your box, and add the command in your ;)

    If you don't know how to edit/create the, then search this forum for "" :)

    Just updated to 8.1.7, And what can i say?!?!?!? It's the best one so far. :) I can now have the system set to 1080p 444 12bit and the colors are perfect. Now there is no difference from 1080p or 2160p regarding color / color banding:) (see post. #440 )

    Great JOB!!! Coffee on the way :)

    My GPU speed is forced to MAX, And when the box is idle the temp is 40C, playing 4KHDR DTS 7.1 it's 48-51C.

    Don't have Android on the Box :)

    The /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq on my box is 1200000, But on the latest 9 built it's 1512000.

    I read in an other post that this cold be temperature related, but my box has a cpu fan attached and the temp is always low.

    For me it looks like the x265 ones are right, Yellow text with highlight from the left. Are you certain that its not the x264 decoding that's just doing a bad job? :angel:

    Just an observation:

    My TV has different profiles settings for HD, UHD, and HDR. And if I adjust all profiles identical, the HD content is way to pale for my liking's, And even if I adjust the settings on the HD profile, I can't get the Yellow anywhere near the UHD/HDR color.

    But if i set the box Interface to 2061p and let the box do the upscale... well, there's my Yellow:)

    So the box is doing something when upscaling that my AVR and TV is not doing, And i Like It :)

    Keep up the GREATE work!! ;)