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    Oh, no. Not at all. I have only one Kodi client. I did not even know that using the same database for multiple devices is an option. I thought that if you have multiple devices using the same server and shared folders, they will create identical libraries.

    I do my library the old fashioned way so backing it up will be easy. I hope. :)

    I do not plan on switching to a dedicated Media server any time soon. I am using my Windows desktop which is pretty quiet and completely fine for my intended purposes. I was considering a pre-built HTPC (Dell, Acer, Intel) at one point, but they are rather expensive for something you use for just watching movies.

    My question was mainly if there was a benefit to switching my Windows server from SMB to NFS Kodi shares.

    I had to re-do my whole library yesterday anyway. :) While troubleshooting my initial issue, I messed up one of the folder locations in the Multi-source item "Movies" I had added and the movies from 1 of the 3 folders stopped appearing, with Kodi refusing to re-add them for some reason. So I just ran the scan for all 3 folders from scratch.

    Now that you mention it, I will consider a way to make regular backups of the library and settings, just in case.
    Any Add-on suggestions for achieving this?

    Ideally it would be an add-on that will simply sync the initial backup to any changes of the current library (remove the removed items and add the new items instead of backing up the whole library every time). I don't know if this is even possible, but it will be a great feature for regular scheduled backups, since the full backup takes a significant amount of time.

    UPnP is not an option, since using the DLNA I can not create my library the way it is setup with SMB now.

    Considering that NFS requires 3rd party software to be setup, is it in any way better than the SMB option? Apart from not being reliant on Windows' decisions to change a complete protocol in a simple update and break everything.

    I somehow managed to resolve the stutter. I am not really sure how. I enabled all the SMB features in the Windows 10 additional Features last night. The "Client" was not enabled previously. How it worked with one router and didn't work with the other one is beyond me.

    Today, when I turned on the server and box and tried it - it was working fine. Even better than before.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a very bizarre issue happening.

    I changed my router from TP-Link Archer C2 to Netgear R7000P AC2300.

    My Box is a Mini m8s - Amlogic S905 chipset connected with a wired connection (100Mbit).

    I have my shares on my Windows 10 server using SMB (client is using the server's name and not IP). Server is also connected with cable (1Gbit)

    Everything was working fine until I changed my router 2 days ago. Now the local network streams from the server take time before starting and stutter when they start. They constantly stop for buffering.

    I measured the speed with iperf3 and it measuer as 80-90Mbit which is fine.

    I also have a Serviio DLNA. I tried playing the same files using Serviio DLNA instead of SMB and they work flawlessly.

    I tried re-adding the shared folders but this didn't work.

    I contacted NetGear to see what they suggest, but they were not helpful.

    I connected the server and media box to the old router only and it worked without an issue immediately.

    So I am at a loss here. I am not sure what may be causing this. Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Is it something in the router's configuration that may be causing this or is it the SMB protocol that is acting out because of the new router?

    The only thing I can think of that I have not yet tried is creating a completely new SMB share on the computer and adding it to Kodi.

    I updated this version 012d to the latest Beta with Krypton and everything works flawlessly. The issue I had with audio sync is gone. Boot issues are gone. I can not notice anything wrong, apart from a single issue with the remote.

    I suggest that you try updating if you are experiencing issues with this one.

    Do the skins classify as Add-ons that need to be re-installed after updating from 64 to 32 bit?
    Everything seems to be working fine. I use the box only for movies, so I don't have any DVR add-ons. My weather updates fine and Library Watchdog seems to be working.

    I did experience an issue with the box freezing on boot again though...

    Also, does this release fix the issue where the audio is out of sync on some movies? I have to move it to -0.250ms every time and it's fine.

    I am experiencing boot issues with the latest build. I updated from 010 where I did not have any boot issues, or even if there were any, they were not as noticeable as these. It boots once in 5 times maybe. I have to constantly power it off. I thought that it's the CEC, but disabling it did not change anything.

    I noticed that powering on the device before I power on the receiver it is connected to does the trick sometimes, but I can not confirm it 100%.

    I had first installed a clean v. 010 and had no problems booting, unlike some of the other users. I updated to 011 and now have issues at boot most of the times. Usually it works after I disconnect the power and reconnect it, but today, 5 disconnects later - I can still not go past the GoogleTV logo my box shows when first booted.

    Box: Mini M8S S905 2GB RAM

    I can provide any information that is necessary.

    What exactly is the problem with BT? On my box it seems to work fine. I can pair devices (tablet, laptop) but I don't have a controller or something similar to test.

    And something I noticed: even though I set up the HDMI audio output to 5.1, my AVR reports that it gets 7.1 channels. Is this normal?

    I don't think that the setting is applicable when Passthrough is used. If you have 7.1 speakers and your AVR is setup to use all 7.1, and the movie you are playing supports 7.1, then you will get 7.1.

    Why would you want 5.1 if you indeed have 7.1?

    After a longer use, I noticed that I have audio sync issues. Not major and they can be fixed from the Audio Offset option, but annoying nonetheless.

    S905 Mini M8S connected to a Yamaha AVR.

    The Sync function in Playback is enabled. So are the DTS Passthrough and refresh rate change.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I have localized an issue in my installation. Every time I apply a theme other than the default one, LE freezes and I have to power it off.
    Is anyone using a custom theme/skin with their installation?

    Is there anything I can do to resolve this other than backing up the library and hard resetting everything to factory?

    I even noticed that using the Aeon Flux theme prohibits the video player to change the refresh rate to 24Hz. It changes it from 60Hz to 50Hz for whatever reason. No issues using the default skin.

    Ok, i managed to localize the second issue. It does not happen when I use the default skin. It happens when I use the Aeon skin, which I had created the backup with.

    Anyone else using Aeon? I tried re-applying it but the issue persists. If anyone else uses it without an issue, I'll just go ahead and reset it to defaults to see if the issue persists.

    First time user here.

    Everything worked fine for me on a Mini M8S 2GB/8GB device. I used it from an SD card and since everything was fine, I backed it up.

    Since it seems I had an issue with the SD card, every time I booted/rebooted the device, it prompted me to fix the file system and after that, the settings were lost and I had to start from scratch.

    I backed up my data and settings while it was working and installed it to the Internal memory. I then restored the backup from the USB drive.

    I have two issues:

    1. Every time it boots, it starts with a black screen and I have to press the home button on the remote in order to see the home screen of Kodi.

    2. And the bigger problem - every time I go to a function that requires the virtual keyboard, LibreElec freezes. I tried it with Searching for add-ons, opening the location settings for the weather and typing my username and password for OpenSubtitles. As soon as I click OK on the menu item that is supposed to bring up a keyboard, it freezes and I have to remove the power.

    The virtual keyboard was working fine when I was using it with an SD card. I would assume that something happened when I was restoring the backup. Any help or suggestions?

    Other than that, the dreaded DTS Passthrough issue from the original Android/Kodi installations is resolved!!! The refresh rate switching to 24Hz works as well!

    As soon as I manage to resolve the issue with the virtual keyboard - I will be a happy camper. :)

    Thank you for the efforts in creating this.