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    Nice, currently I have a RPi Model B and dotnet core is only for ARMV7 and higher.
    The docker file would possibly look like this.

    FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.0.0-preview1-runtime
    RUN apk add --update libunwind libunwind-dev gettext icu-dev lttng-ust-dev curl-openssl-dev openssl-dev util-linux-dev unzip \
        && wget \
        && mkdir -p /usr/share/dotnet \
        && tar -zxf dotnet-linux-arm.latest-portable.tar.gz -C /usr/share/dotnet/ \
        && rm dotnet-linux-arm.latest-portable.tar.gz \
        && ln -sf /usr/share/dotnet/dotnet /usr/bin/dotnet

    From then "dotnet --version" should give you some information
    Anyone daring to try this? :D :D

    Docker ships as an addon for RPi and RPi2.
    Native Mono (4.2.1) ships as an addon for all projects.
    I hope this answers your question.

    Well Mono indeed is capable of running .NET Core projects.
    I'm eager to try native .NET Core, however the ARM implementation is still in development stage

    This is the first I've heard of this, please elaborate.

    My RPI is always on, TV is being turned on and off, also a wireless keyboard is used on regular basis, could this be the issue (conflict)?
    I went back from OpenELEC 8 to 5.0.8 because of issues in both OpenELEC 6 and ofcourse the nightlies.
    CEC was working all the time in this old version.
    Since OE 6 and higher I have had these disconnecting issues, I might post a log when I have time to do so.

    libCEC has been updated for kodi 17 krypton, please test out an alpha build if you want to test a new version of libCEC

    I have been using OpenELEC 8 Milhouse builds before he went to LibreELEC but as it is on a daily used RPI, I returned to stable because of crashes while playing mkv's, is it more stable now?
    I can confirm I did not have any CEC issues there, but ofcouse the RPI was rebooted a lot because of the crashes.

    The only success I experienced with CEC was with OpenELEC Legacy (5.0.8 & Kodi 14.2), it was working flawlessly.
    With newer OpenELEC and LibreELEC builds, it worked for a few hours (with luck some days) after rebooting (RPI is always on) and then the CEC functionality was lost.
    With LibreELEC 7.0.2 update CEC doesn't work entirely.

    I hope they will fix this

    Dear all,

    I tried enabling UPNP/DNLA on my Raspberry Pi B with build 7.0.1 and did not see it listed in my network.
    I tried starting kodi when internet connection is available but this did not help either.
    The RPI is behind a router, but just perfectly accessible by name and/or ip over lan (samba).

    Is this a known issue?

    With kind regards

    Nice, I might try docker once, but this is for my Pi and as there is not a working example for that, you can try this this:
    Download transmission as were developed for OpenELEC here and edit the addon file inside (open with 7zip) and alter dependencies to libreelec
    Works great

    It is just an application which is supported on OpenELEC (wouldn't this be the same issue then) and piracy was never the intention, even by the developer I guess.

    Thanks for the hint for using docker, this would truly make LibreELEC more powerful, I always hated the OpenELEC restictions as being a kind of closed OS, but wasn't fan of OSMC either

    I managed to get the OpenELEC version of the addon working on LibreELEC though so I am happy for now

    Coming from OpenELEC, I used the Transmission Addon from the unofficial repo a lot.
    I've read about the LibreELEC merge from unofficial with the official repo, so I installed Transmission from the Kodi Addons.
    However this version is different, it lacks configuration and I can't even access the web app

    Is it possible to provide a addon package of transmission or another way to install the version as used in OpenELEC?