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    I have "adjust display refresh rate" enabled and my television can switch to 23Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 50hz and 60Hz.

    But they are not perfect, that's why ReClock and similar software were created.

    Is the "sync playback to display" doing the same?

    HQ scalers (bicubic, lanczos, spline, ...) are pixel shaders in kodi, so it's related to the GPU not the CPU.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a MINIX Neo U1 and I just installed the latest devel release.

    Everything seems to work good.

    I have some questions:

    Should I enable "sync playback to display" to get perfect playback?

    Since monitors and televisions can't properly produce 23,976fps, this "ReClock" feature should be enabled by default. No? Is it disabled because S905 boxes are not powerful enough for this feature?

    Why can't I choose HQ scalers like lanczos or spline?

    Are they incompatible with amlogic chips?

    The default MINIX Neo U1 remote works but not the "Home" button, is it normal?

    Can I install Chrome/Chromium on this box with LibreElec?


    Maybe I will implement update channels but I still don't have a script to generate json for it.

    What do you mean by "still don't have"?
    Is it because your builds are "still" considered as unofficial and it's only possible for official ones?

    However is "becoming official builds" planned?

    I can also confirm that device tree from 009 build works OK and audio works on Minix U1 - there are audio/sync issues though sadly for now.

    I just got a MINIX Neo U1 and I would like to get perfect playback.

    Which build should I install?
    I have sync issues with the latest devel and the 010 ones

    Will it be possible to use HQ scalers (Lanczos3/Spline36)?