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    7.0.2 release has similar samba config - no /storage/.kodi exposed directly.

    Like I wrote above: if you want to see other folders you need to adjust samba.conf. Or use ssh console.

    But yet I didnt have to do anything to see those directories. So just wondering if there is any difference in the way it does this in 7.9

    /storage/.kodi folder is not visible with default samba config. You can see what is visible and which paths here.

    If you want to see /storage/.kodi (or /storage or even /) you need to add new share. Or use ssh console where you can see everything.

    So tell me why wasnt this an issue when I had 7.02 version installed before?? As in that version there was the .kodi/addons etc. Has 7.9 changed somehow for it not to show?

    Again nothing seems to be holding this back. These are the DIR's I see

    tv shows

    Thats it. There is no storage directory at all.

    A number of folders are available through Samba, which is easy enough via your own File Manager.
    In MacOS enter "smb://"

    Access via the LibreELEC backdoor is also possible via SSH.

    Installing new skins can be done via the Kodi GUI internally, via a repository or via .zip files.

    You dont understand. I can access all the files in there. The /storage dir is simply not there. Thats what I am trying to say.
    Besides this skin requires me to copy the files to the addon folder. I know how to install themes.

    Thanks so much. I managed to install a fresh install of the Dec 5th build.

    But now I have a new problem, I cant find /storage/.kodi at all in LibreELEC. I have finder in Mac and I know they are hidden files but I have looked inside and cant find this Dir. As I want to install a new theme thats for Kodi Krypton.

    Wonder if I need to reinstall or do an update

    Any ideas?

    Hi All,

    When I download the USB creator all I get is a 7.02 file. Is there any way of getting the 7.9 on the USB creator or do I hust get 7.02 and update to 7.9?

    The reason I ask is Im using an HTPC and I already have 7.02 but when I go to update it says that the FAT disc space is full even though I have 250GB free space.

    Question is to change that partition, should I stick the USB disc in and then make the changes there and redo it all again?

    Thanks for any help.