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    Just to add something obvious. Every time I've tried to boot LE off a USB drive or SD card and it has failed (stays at the boot logo), 99.99% of the time, it is because I'm using an incorrect device tree.

    While the instructions here are fantastic, what is not immediately obvious is what the default dtb.img with LE is for. It may be obvious to some, but it wasn't to me.

    For e.g., every single one of my boxes (have 5 at present) is a S905x/2GB/16GB/100mbps box. The default LE SD card would not boot on ANY of them. Then I used the 2GB 905x device tree (gxl_....2g), put it on the SD card, deleted the default dtb.img, and renamed the tree to dtb.img and the SD card/USB drive has booted every single time using the reset method.

    kszaq - btw, there's a very minor bug atleast in this build (not sure if it's in others, as I haven't tried em all).

    I'm using one of the s905x boxes on an older TV that does not support 1080p 60Hz. It does however support 720p60hz as well as 1080i (I keep seeing this being called 1080p30Hz). Of course when I connected the box to the TV, I got garbled display as the TV didn't support the resolution. Had to use your disp_cap hack to force 720p at startup.

    Which exposed the bug. The logo/splash image you're using is set for 1080... :) It gets cut off and looks all weird until Kodi loads up, which is in the correct resolution (now).

    Not a critical or even important bug by any measure.

    Long time lurker... :)

    Just wanted to say kudos to kszaq for the amazing work he's done. I didn't even know about libreelec and Amlogic devices till about two weeks ago...and here I am rooting the boxes and klutzing around with Linux commands (I'm a Windows guy...)

    Bought a Beelink Mini MXIII II, created a USB drive with the .11 image and the box booted LE right away. Amazing. While libreelec worked just great, I'm gonna send the Beelink back (the luxury of being an Amazon Prime member...). The wifi on that box is just horrible, and I didn't pay attention when buying it, there's no AV out (I need that for one of my older TVs).

    Bought an Enybox X1 2GB/16GB and try as I might it would not boot from an SD card or USB. The reason I bought the Enybox was because it had an external antenna, had 802.11ac, BT and an AV out. I really really wanted LE to work on this box. So instead of sending this one back as well... Set about with a determination to get LE on it.

    - Reading around, it seems that the latest Android build on some of these boxes has boot from SD/USB disabled. Well...that's not good..
    - In addition, I found out later, the box has a non-standard partition layout...
    - Tried to find an older firmware/Android image for the go.
    - Finally rooted the box with TWRP. Not sure if the box was already rooted or not.
    - Hmmph...TWRP STILL wouldn't allow me to boot from SD or USB without finding an alternate ROM that was pre-installed.
    - Screw dat. Backed up the stock ROM and flashed the .11 build straight to NAND. gah! what have I done!!! :)
    - Well...lo and behold LE works right out of the box and booted up perfectly!
    - except.....
    - the remote didn't work...took a while to figure out how to extract the remote.conf from the ROM backup I took...and then found that the vendor *ucked around with the standard code and introduced custom code in that file. Fixed that, put the file in LE and the remote worked right away.
    - BT and Wifi worked great OTB. The wifi on this box (AP6255, not sure what the Beelink has, even though it's 802.11ac as well) is leaps and bounds better than the Beelink. I'm sure the external antenna helps.

    Got Kodi setup the way I need with my stuff and this tiny lil box is smoother and faster than a box that's 10 times (maybe even 20) big physically and maybe 5-6 times more expensive. I had bought an Nvidia Shield sometime back (sold it, didn't like it) and to my eye, the picture quality of the S905X is better than the Shield using LE.

    The box can play 4K rips from my server without a hiccup over wifi...except for a few (like Hunger Games Mockingjay...the bitrate on that hits 90mbps at times). The average 4K rip bitrates I have seen are around 50mbps and it plays them flawlessly, no buffering.. over Wifi. Amazing.

    All in all, just wanted to say thank you to kszaq. Well done.