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    I come from an old hardware htpc, intel dual core, but I never noticed the problems I now face with PI4.

    I'm no expert on the matter, but for what I was reading here in the forum trying to understand what can be…

    I think this is the term used,video judder and stuttering.

    What I could identify with me was as follows,

    With the hardware acceleration- MMAL activated, movie files or movie streaming all works fine, but the navigation from menus have the issues above.

    With the hardware acceleration- MMAL disabled, is the reverse of what I said above.

    With MMAL disabled whatching movies is visible that one CPU core is running 100-115% and the others CPU cores are idle.

    I have the same configuration but with components from other brands...

    I have the audio settings like this and it works.

    Since the TV only supports dolby digital output, I have DTS disabled in Kodi and so when the sources are in DTS it sends the dolby digital signal in it.