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    In the first post I see the following known issue since 010

    • 3D support is experimental and not tested.

    I'll be updating my "main" box soon to the .011 32 bit build. Will be a new install on new microsd card. I play 3D movies quite regurarly on my main box so was wondering if there is anything that i need to look out for in regards to 3D? Also let me know if there is anything specific that you need tested. If all goes well on my main box I'll also update my 2nd box to the same build.

    I have .011 installed and watch a lot of 3D movies. Far as I can tell it works good. Only thing is that when watching 3D I have to adjust the overscan fro the video and change it back once the movie is done.

    Not sure how to exactly describe the issue, but it looks like the image is shifted to the left a bit, thus a small part of the left side of the image is shown on the right side of the screen, while there's a black bar on the left side; about the same size. Increasing the overscan get's rid of this issue.

    So, in my opinion, 3D is OK, but it could use some improvement.

    Hello Ipwevers,

    How did you do the internal memory setup?
    I am using the MXQ Pro 4k but unfortunately I can not install the internal memory.
    Could you upload me the files and share the link?
    Which firmware was installed on the mxq pro 4 k as well as the Android?
    Is it possible to share this android firmware's img or sd card file?

    Hi Nemesis,

    Well, I just followed the instructions given by kszaq. I prepared an SD card with the release and booted the box from the SD card using the toothpick method. Then I just ran the installtointernal script, rebooted and it just worked.

    Later I did the update by just downloading the new image and device tree to the .update directory and reboot. But I guess a clean install using should work just as fine.

    Download LibreELEC-S905.aarch64- from here: and use the device tree gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb from here: device_trees

    To prepare the SD card, follow the instructions here: Installation - LibreELEC

    I can send you the Android firmware if you like. You can flash it with the USB Burning Tool. I don't know exactly what version that is. I was never able to find an "official" release to fix it. And my first attempts at installing OpenElec (that's what I started out with) actually nearly bricked the box. This was the only firmware I could find that would actually load using the USB Burning Tool. I got of some Russian forum (I think, since I don't read Cyrillic).

    Good luck and happy hacking,

    Thanks for all the good work on this. I have to say, upgrade from went flawless. Just put everything in the update folder and reboot. Though it did give me a good scare. After the update, I had to unplug the power and start it up again (twice) before it actually started booting at all. Just thought I had bricked it.

    If I could only get the remote that came with the box working.... (it's been broken since or so).