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    Did you type the pathways into kodi, cut and paste, or update the config file directly?

    I'm thinking a spelling error in the path. the l's(L) and 1's (one) look a lot alike.

    copied the the error output from your first post into a text editor.. the 1's seem to be correct... next this to check is an errant space at the end of the nfs path.

    another thought just occurred to me, it needs dns because it needs to phone home... :O

    I need to check this out.

    I take it the 'Large fonts' you speak of are the ones in place of an image to help id a user. If that is the case it is a function of the forum/message board software not something that a user does.

    If you have another device that outputs 1080 at 60hz I'd try that on the monitor to test it. It may be an issue with the monitor itself.
    Once that has been eliminated, you may need to look at any addons installed those may be the cause.

    If you can (I'm assuming this is a laptop or desktop) have you tried a fresh install on another boot media/device and see if it works then.

    Have similar issues as well. I'll have to take notice of the weather on the home screen and see if that is occuring om my set up.

    Please report your bugs properly, see LibreELEC

    But I dont know if it is a bug yet....

    It's just too bad that we have no crystal ball here, otherwise we would know what kind of hardware this is all about. If you are talking about analog audio on a Raspberry Pi, then you are totally correct. It is the achilles heel of the RPi boxes.

    Using a Pi 2 here.. ... hdmi output is really weak.. haven tried the analog output.. I did do upgrade from openelec not a clean install to libreelec. (this might be the issue)
    Will try a clean instal now that i have some time.

    Anyone else have weak audio? I've played around with the audio setting and got the audio a little stronger, but it still seems weak.