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    I installed it from the same make of card to internal and noticed the difference more than anything on the box booting up, actual running did feel quicker but could have just been the placebo affect. I installed to internal after reading up on SD card performance compared to running internal and people to say performance all round is quicker running from internal.......

    That is not correct. You can also use a Receiver with 2 HDMI Out (Like Pioneer VSX-1131-B)

    These hardware solutions that people are posting cost over £300, the pioneer one is £400-500. There must be a way to get this working without that sort of expense. Perhaps an alternative box but as the Hyperion add-on doesn't support hardware acceleration it will need to be libreelec. When I see need, I like the ease of the libreelec and my little 905x box that cost 40 squid. :shy:

    No. But as far i know no working hd or 4k grabbers exist. But this doesnt matter because the grabbed picture is downscaled and i dont think you have 1080 leds (or more) installed behind your tv.

    I too have this issue however if you're going down the splitter route then you'll need something that can output from the source to your display. Its a big jump in price to a 4k splitter and the cheaper models only support hdmi 1.4. Its not a show stopper for me, I just put up with a couple of pauses when I am watching H265 content.

    As soon as the kids are in bed ill try it and let you know, I'm hoping I can get Hyperion installed in this version. I'll be going for a clean install and previous version was smooth as silk, great work so far.

    Top man :D