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    I have the same box. The toothpick method works (it worked for me) if you downgrade your android firmware to 05/08/2016 version (I had the October version before).
    Can you explain better the method? I didn't understand it.

    Just create a file on your SD CARD which contains LE.
    Boot on android, insert your SD CARD, go to app called "UPDATE" select and Updgrade
    Box reboot on LE :)

    Hi All,

    I think a dedicated topic for all Tanix Tx5 Pro owner is a good idea :)

    I'm new owner of this box... and i have install LE with a little difficulty and I succeeded thanks to this forum on kostaman Post

    At first small presentation for this box 

    TX5 PRO Amlogic S905X 2GB+16GB

    Operating System : Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (last firmware Oct.2016)
    CPU : Amlogic S905X Cortex A53
    Processor : 1.5GHz
    GPU : Penta-Core ARM Mali-450
    RAM : 2GB DDR3
    ROM : 16GB EMMC

    Now For install LE in Tanix Tx5 Pro :

    Actually you have 3 method for install LE but just 1 work with Tanix Tx5 Pro (again thank you to Kostaman for explain) :

    1. Toothpick method: disconnect the power supply, insert card/drive, use a toothpick to push reset button and connect the power while holding the button. Wait until LibreELEC logo appears and release the button. Used With and Without Device tree. --> Failed (with just the boot animation and no further).

    2. Recovery method: boot into Android, insert card/thumb drive and choose Reboot to recovery.(Had to use an APP)
    Your box should boot into LibreELEC. --> Failed

    3. Recovery method (take 2nd variant): if you have "Update" app pre-installed open it, insert SD card with LE/connect USB drive, and choose any ZIP file in the app for update. Your box should reboot to LE. --> Worked

    Just imput a in your SD Card with LE, go to update app on android, Select and press Update.
    The box restart and install LE on SD Card

    This method work successfuly for LE Jarvis or Krypton

    Concerning my experience on the different Build (Jarvis or Krypton).
    At First for test i have install JARVIS all work perfectly (just a small problem for turn on wifi for test but i use RJ45) -> Install with "Clean Install with RUFUS"
    Second Update Krypton i have try to update Krypton --> Failed box wont boot on SD Card
    I try Clean Install with RUFUS --> Worked

    Actually i run Krypton on my SD Card and all work perfectly Wifi / Addons / Skin / DB ect...

    Last Point : The Remote

    Tanix Tx5 Pro have a "simply" remote without Play / Pause / Stop button It's boring with LE for good multimedia experience.
    Personnaly i have a Logitech Harmony.
    Logitech Harmony know Tanix Brand and Tx5 Pro Device that is good :) but always not Play Pause Stop button :(
    For resolve that a small trick add device MCE keyboard (or Windows media Center) on your Harmony and configure Play Pause Stop button with (need add USB IR Recever on your tv box) Worked Perfectly

    ps : Sorry for my bad english hope all it's clear :)

    Ok i Keep this for now LE on SDCard
    Thank you for reply and all precision :)
    Recovery work with laptop for reflash firmware ? (i have see video in Youtube guy flash TX5 Pro with Toothpick)
    effectively recovery mod dont work in "Toothpick method" on TV

    I agree :) i have same Box TX5 Pro and methode 1 / 2 Failed But Worked with "Update" variant

    Question now (sorry i'm Newbie in android/libreelec) it's possible install Libreelec in the nand that ok, but android in the SD card ?
    if it's possible work fine ? boot libreelec / android easy ?

    i use more Libreelec than android (android very occasional)

    thank you all (and sorry if this question Has already been requested)