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    Thx for the suggestion, I'll check those add-ons, never used them before :)

    Until now, i managed torrent file downloads from private trackers by hand or by using external tools (RSS,...) . I used the old, now unsupported rtorrent libreelec addon with the default functionality:

    1. multiple watch folders (tvshows, videos,...)
    2. after download, moving files into apropriate "completed" folders
    3. tvshows season sorting by Kodi standards with subfolders for series and seasons

    Porting that functionality into vanilla rtorrent proved time consuming.

    It's probably time to try something new :)

    Sonarr and couch potato does pretty good job on grabbing torrent, download using any client, renaming & moving those to appropriate folders and doing clean up. Try it. Specially sonarr.

    Currently using transmission on LibreELEC 8.0.2 or rpi3. Everything is well and good.

    Just wanted to know which is recommend by others rtorrent or qbittorrent or transmission? I am also using couchpotato & sonarr, so require integration as well.

    Which one is stable, faster and requires less memory?



    I am looking for suggestion on good usb tuner for pvr & recording feature on my rpi 3 here in NZ.

    Anyone using it can recommend it. I want to have all the freeview HD/SD channels. Please consider the price/availability as well.

    I am not a pro in linux, so complicated setup would turn me off.

    If anybody can also point me somewhere to look would do as well.

    Currently, I am inclined to Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD, USB2 Stick Dual DVB-T/T2/C Tuner. Though not sure if this is the good choice or not. I have looked at some Chinese ones as well, though not sure if it would be good or not.


    I recently upgraded to Libreelec 8.0.1 from 7.0.3. I can see that the system is very sluggish when running Sonarr, Transmission & CP on 8.0.1. This was never an issue on 7.0.3. Anybody else having similar issue.

    Edit: Which one is better? Using this (Sonarr, Transmission, CP) directly or by Docker?

    The filtering is not active whilst you're watching videos. The only reason you'll see this is because the openvpn task is terminating (bad connection or something else is killing it) and it's being restarted. There's an option on the monitor tab of the settings to not do this during playback, but the question really should be what's messing with you connection.

    I don't use transmission so I've no idea. All I'll say is that if you're messing with the vpn externally to the addon, then good luck. It'll just cause the add-on to act weirdly. You probably should use the API (see the wiki) to disable fitlering, connect to a vpn and then enable filtering via your cron job.

    I am using your API to enable/disable VPN connection. I am not messing with the VPN externally, except for disconnecting it sometimes (from within your addon). I don't get what you mean by enable filtering via cron job.

    Currently, I have 2 cron jobs, First one enables VPN connection using the API at 12:00 am. Second one disconnects the VPN connection using the API at 8:00am. Both the cron jobs runs only for Weekdays. My transmission is schedules to run between 12:05 am and 7:50am weekdays only.

    The issue I have is that during weekends sometimes, I want to start the transmission as I am not using the box if going out. In that case I have to manually enable vpn connection using your addon first and then start the transmission. I think currently only video addons are supported in addon-filtering. Can you set services addon to trigger addon-filtering, that way I don't even need the cron jobs.

    Also, have you got any suggestions on what to look for what's messing with my connection. Only thing I can think of is that maybe the library is trying to get the show info or fanart from the network.

    Just fyi: VPN connections are always managed from within the addon, I don't use anything else.

    Is it possible to use addon filtering with transmission? I have transmission setup to start downloading only in the night time. But it would be great if the network traffic is always forwarded through VPN when transmission is downloading. Currently, I have setup cron jobs to start/stop vpn connections during night time. But sometimes, I disconnect the vpn when watching something and forget to switch that back and so transmission would be running on without VPN.

    By the way, the best must have addon for VPN. Great job.
    Another issue I have is, sometimes when I am watching a video like tv show/movie from the local library and if the VPN connection is ON, then it would disconnect and reconnect it. This stops the video which I have to start again. Do you know how to fix it, It is very annoying sometimes as I can't download anything when watching a video. This videos are already downloaded and stored on external drive connected to Rpi 3 using powered hub.

    Thanks. I do have heatsink installed. The plastic case do have good ventilation, but I feel its not enough. The fan I have is the same you are referring to, it came with the case and runs fine connected directly on the pwr & gnd pins. I am planning to add delay to all those services so that I can even out the load on startup. I wanted the script so that the fan does not run continuously as you said it is annoying while watching movie. I have seen that while watching anything temperature is below 55. Do you have any idea on what the error is in the scripts above. I cannot install it using zip file and no error is logged as well so I am kind of stumped.


    I am trying to create a background service which should start when libreelec starts and monitor the CPU temperature. If the temperature goes beyond certain limit switch the fan ON. I have almost got all the hardware ready and connected to the GPIO (pin 18).

    Below is the script I manage to create so far. Please let me know if this will work or not and specifically if this is fine or not. I am planning to install it as a service addon uisng zip file.

    Lately the temperature on my Rpi 3 (Libreelec 7.0.3) goes above 70 which was not the case before. I am running moderate overclock settings. Also, have been running transmission, couchpotato and sonarr along with Kodi. Also, during startup I get the yellow warning of temperature which I believe is displayed when CPU is above 80. Can anybody point me in correct direction how to find out which service or addon is causing the pi to overheat so much?

    I am newbie in linux, but can follow steps if provided. Have learned couple of tricks so far :)


    The circuit diagram is as follows. The DC motor is actually a fan. Never connect motor to rpi like this.

    Thank you.

    Update LibreELEC and restart Kodi when the Thoradia repository proposes you to do so.
    Unless you have specified otherwise, the installed add-ons will update themselves automatically.
    Settings are preserved.
    Deluge is available for 7.90.009.

    Thanks. Will give it a try.

    What's the best way to upgrade from 7.0.2 to v7.90.009 ? I have CP, Sonarr & transmission running. How do I retain all the settings?

    1. Just upgrade and then install new addons from v8.1 repo?
    2. Do I disable all this before upgrading and then install new addons from v8.1 repo?
    3. Any other thoughts?

    I want to try out the new alpha build.

    To set-up transmission use:
    - add-on settings (in Kodi) to define webui and folder settings (these settings override those of webui/settings.json),
    - webui to define usual settings,
    - /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.transmission/settings.json via smb/ssh to define other settings.

    As for scheduling, refer to transmission.