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    Thanks. I'll have to drag out the keyboard. Was hoping for a lazy way through ssh or the gui.

    I have noticed a problem that when navigating my movie library, KODI will reset. I have the same issue with different skins and different library methods (Emby/MySQL). I am able to navigate my music and tv shows without any issues, but when navigating my movie library, after scrolling about 2 movies KODI will reset. I am able to navigate through the widgets on the home screen without issue.

    Kodi Log
    Part 1: Kodi.p1 -
    Part 2: Kodi.p2 -

    To start, AWESOME WORK!

    I am using Libreelec in a virtual machine on Unraid with a gpu passed through. The only issue I am having is the audio will not play while a video is playing until I hit a button. The navigation sounds work as expected. I have checked the audio settings but have not found anything that alters the symptoms. The symptoms were not present with OpenELEC.


    • Play Movie, video plays fine but no audio is played. Press "Ok" and audio starts
    • Play Video Addon (HDHomerun as example), Audio does not start until I press a few buttons. Typically back and an arrow key will get it to start.

    I can get some logs when home later, but was curious if anyone else has experienced this issue. I have 2 virtual machines with the same issue and same GPU (PNY GT730). One is connected to a monitor and the other is connected to a reciever (both HDMI).