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    For Tronsmart Vega S89 the correct image is S82 thats why your ethernet is not working

    All you needed to do is devote 5 seconds to read the OP

    I was on 8.0.2b before 8.2.2 and I'm pretty certain I had the same problem then. I haven't been using the box since moving off from Android as it took me a while to find the time to sort out the SMB issues.

    Would a screenshot of the problem help?

    Nope, can you consider testing it on a different 4k tv?

    Great now go back version by version and tell me when this bug started happening so i can fix it :)

    Thank you.

    Besides all of it? Considering this is the first question I asked and I have not read the entire thread... Really no need to be rude.

    So the polite answer is you might release an update after LibreElec 9 goes stable? :rolleyes:

    The polite answer is don't ask for ETA's and if it comes it comes.

    And if you are impatient you can always build your own image.

    These boxes must use the S82 image Beelink S82, Orbsmart S82, Tronsmart S89(-H), MXIII(2G)

    your box depending on the ethernet is either M8S+(if gbit lan) ot M8S(if no gbit lan)

    On my board S82/89 i used the MXIII-PLUS image with amlogic tool from windows then rom stuck at kernel loading for obvious reasons ;)

    Then i shutdown, loaded an sdcard etcher burned image of S8X2 for my board and now i was able to boot from it.