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    Same result at me.

    Failed transponders with non zero services were scanned with external tuner. Failed transponders with 0 are not possible to scan (week signal, wrong or changed parameters for transponder etc.).

    I am scanning on 28.2 and was updating libreelec then trying to scan dvb-s2 again and getting failed on everything,

    Ive just deleted the "network" under dvb inputs
    Created a new network for 28.2 and then forced scanned again and so far have picked up 100 services from 9 out 109 muxes

    Dont know if this might help anybody as my DVB-S scanning in, ill update later to let you if the whole scan worked

    Scan still fails with DVB-S

    Thanks again for the builds though

    The 31-12-2016 build is honestly the most stable release this other box has seen, including alexs builds, the older ones and vitmod, literally my box has been on for two days straight, it has streamed several 3-4gb mkv tv shows, live tv on astra 28.2, and i have emby running on it with 300+ movies and 7000+ episodes, completley stable and ram sitting at 45-50% on full load,

    Leave all the other images and just stick with this one, installtointernal went fine aswell

    Literally as stable as kszaqs s905 builds

    thanks afl1

    afl1 thank you very much for the latest 32bit build. My k1 plus runs perfectly now on the older builds if i ran emby for my libary the ram usage would constantly it at 87-92% and after a video it would just crash due to the 64 bit memory leaks.

    Tested for the last 24 hours with Astra 28.2, all working fine
    All hd content working wel
    Ram sits at 35-40% with no freezing
    Only issues i had so far was running a 8gb mkv of The Grand Tour resulted in glitchy playback and audio going about 6 seconds out of sync.
    So far no crashes though and overall makes this box useable again. Thank you very much afl1

    Try reinstalling the android firmware img using the usb burning tool, and then format the sd card using diskpart (if on windows)
    Run diskpart

    Type listdisk

    It will list the connected devices,

    Disk 1 500gb
    Disk 2 3000gb
    Disk 3 2000gb
    Disk 4 32gb

    The sd card would be disk 4 for example, so

    Type select disk 4
    Type clean
    Type create part pri

    Then u can close and format normally in windows.
    Downloaded the latest afl1 img.gz and unzip the gz file
    Then using win32 disk imager create a sd card from the unzipped img file

    Whenever i kill any of my boxes, s802, s805, s812, s905, s905x i always follow that process to "bring it back to life" and every one has come back on and back to libreelec

    Only other way would be to install the november build and then ssh in and update that way

    Here is my log from build:

    I have no idea but is it because you are using a aarch64 toolchain to compile 32 bit?
    Would it not need a x86 toolchain or x86_64 to be able to compile?

    How have you installed tvheadend? I can install the server but no pvr addons work? I've even copied the TV headend from my s812 on balbes krypton over to the k1 but won't work . I changed the addon xml so that xbmc.python was 2.25.0 instead 2.1.0

    CvH, sorry :-)
    piotrasd, I changed localization from file:// to file:///... And still no success and 0 channels . Now I will try it on le7 with tvh 4.2 . Would be nice to have converter from e2 list to tvh 4.2 list format :-)
    Merry christmas

    There is

    [UPDATED] E22TVH - Enigma 2 settings to tvheadend converter - WeTek Community Forum

    It doesn't work with tvh 4.2 though, instead run the e22tvh.exe download the 1.4 version. And enter the wrong password (I.e just leave it as openelec) it will say sending file........
    Go to the c drive on your comp and there will be a folder called e22tvh temp, copy the files out of here to another folder, (on desktop call it tvh settings) and once copied close the e22tvh.exe
    You can no smb into your box and got to the tvheadend folder in user data and copy the files over from tvh settings. Reboot and the bouquets and channel numbers are all done plus muxes. Just assign the dvb input to thelp network and done.

    I spent about a week trying to get UK cable on my play2 to look good before I figured this out

    32-bit userspace has nothing to do with media_build support (which has been added in my today's build). 32-bit userspace is about getting rid of that untracked memory leak and having libwidevine/other ARM-only libraries support. The only disadvantage that I can tell for now is having to take care of some missing compat ioctls that show up from time to time. And that some addons cannot determine userspace arch.

    Just wanted to say thanks ksazq , i have been using your builds on my trusty old s805 for years now, does the included media_build in your build today include the drivers for this box aswell?

    If i run emby on this box at the same time (I have about 400-500 movies and about 3TB of 1080 tv shows aswell) the box literally crashes every five minutes but runs fine in 32 bit builds, i have turned off the cache images to cache option emby aswell

    Thanks again afl1 and ksazq