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    I have a problem with librespot and backup.

    I have backup setup for every Sunday. But the backup stopped at librespot. Yeah since I have librespot. didn't had any problems before.

    Is there any solution to get this solved?

    Maybe there is a logfile somewhere?

    So far...

    Librespot is running without any problems. Thank you for that.



    it stopped at


    I have had some sources block VPN whereby nothing opens. I changed VPN Server to a different location and streams opened.
    Livestreams sometimes block VPN IP'S or throttle connection. Maybe try changing server locations.
    I use IP Vanish and a server in my country. I have had streams open using my ip without VPN. I then turn on VPN Server in my country and nothing opens. I switch to a VPN in Dallas USA and the streams open. So it's not geo blocking.
    Try that.

    I realised the same problems with ipvanish. I turned vpn off as well. It worked straight away. So I have to change the server as well.

    It's working great again! Thanks.

    I installed your addon a couple of times again. Which was around 12 hours ago. Couldn't get the update, for some reason.

    Just came home and I saw that I got the update. So everything is fine now.
    Thanks for the quick update [THUMBS UP SIGN]

    I'm sorry. I mean vpn manager for openvpn.
    I think, change the config files name (.ovpn) in the files name of vpn manager (~/.kodi/addons/service.vpn.manager/IPVanish) what you can get from ipvanish website would solve the problem. Vpn manager has the old file, I guess.

    I'll try this if I get some time.


    I have a problem with the VPN manager for openvpn addon, since yesterday. So it worked perfectly fine before.

    IpVanish changing some stuff (server etc) at the moment. So I can't connect to my VPN. I just have to wait for an update for the addon?




    Thanks to everyone.

    I don't know why but it's working now.

    I just installed the connect web again. But I did it before, too. So yeah, I don't know.


    you can generate your app key by doing the following steps:

    1. open Base64 Online - base64 decode and encode
    2. paste your key in the into the field
    3. select decode and "to binary file"
    4. save the binary file. With this file it should work

    Thank you,

    but it doesn't work for me.

    I think my key isn't made for any acc. Just a "test-key" maybe.

    Do you guys see you're acc name at this place? ....Established under name 'TestConnect'.....

    I tried to put just the "BASE64 APPKEY" text which is written in the email, as well. But same problem. So i don't know.

    Check its content, name and location. According to your logs and scw github issues, it could be that app key is invalid.


    But I can't find in the "28 issues" any problems like this, on github.

    I have 4 options in my email from spotify.

    Under these options are a lot of "words" :D Maybe i can do something with this stuff? :D

    Well, and the spotify_app.key from spotify, as well.


    i need help :)

    I use libreelec for my raspberry pi 3.
    Now i try to get spotify connect. But for some reason it doesn't work. It's already installed and it's configured but when i start it manually like:

    I get this problem.

    And when i put this in:
    journalctl -u service.spotify-connect-web
    I get this.

    I got the appkey, today. After 14 days, wohooo.
    And now this problem. So i'm not sure what the problem is.

    And another thing is:
    Where can i find the web interface? I put on my laptop the ip from the raspberry which is:
    192.168...:4000 but nothing happened.

    I put the appkey in this folder /.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.spotify-connect-web

    Yeah, i need a little bit help ;)