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    now you have choosen media_build you need to remove the dvb-driver.txt from your download folder and reboot - then you have the normale kernel drivers (where the patch is in)

    Aaah, got it

    Now i got this:

    1. dmesg | grep -i dvb
    2. [    7.012164] dvb-usb: found a 'Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD Rev.3' in warm state.
    3. [    7.016447] dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream to the software demuxer.
    4. [    7.016984] DVB: registering new adapter (Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD Rev.3)
    5. [    7.028582] dvb-usb: MAC address: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
    6. [    7.480724] usb 1-2.2: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Montage Technology DS3000)...
    7. [    7.517368] input: IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:04.1/usb1/1-2/1-2.2/rc/rc1/input10
    8. [    7.518680] rc1: IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:04.1/usb1/1-2/1-2.2/rc/rc1
    9. [    7.518696] dvb-usb: schedule remote query interval to 150 msecs.
    10. [    7.518723] dvb-usb: Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD Rev.3 successfully initialized and connected.

    So the Stick is recognized and the driver seems to work:

    1. lsmod | grep -i dvb
    2. dvb_usb_dw2102         50691  0
    3. dvb_usb                13916  1 dvb_usb_dw2102
    4. dvb_core               72279  2 dvb_usb,dvb_usb_dw2102
    5. rc_core                14638  18 ir_sharp_decoder,ir_xmp_decoder,lirc_dev,ir_lirc_codec,ir_rc5_decoder,dvb_usb,ir_nec_decoder,ir_sony_decoder,mceusb,ir_mce_kbd_decoder,rc_su3000,ir_jvc_decoder,ir_rc6_decoder,dvb_usb_dw2102,ir_sanyo_decoder,rc_rc6_mce

    I keep you updated with my progress, thanks, great work


    I can tune with my Stick and even stream to clients using VLC with HTS Tvheadend 4.1.1928 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v7.0.101 . So the Stick is working.
    But I cannot use it within KODI. Every time when i want to activate it in Settings -> TV it argues about lack of PVR-Support

    In LibreElec Repository there is only a Tvheadend HTSP Client availiable with version 2.2.15, but this does not even start. When I activate it, it automatically gets deactivated. I have the feeling that there is messed up sth. ..

    Is now (hopefully) supported - just update to my 7.0.0 images and they should work (nothing to setup at the addon) - pls test if they do. If you want't to get them to official kernel pls try and report back if this work.

    Unfortunately not:

    lsusb gives me:

    1. Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0ccd:0102 TerraTec Electronic GmbH

    modinfo dvb-usb-dw2102.ko gives me:

    dmesg shows no DVB-Adapter

    Am I correct with the assumption that I have to use the media_build drivers?

    Would be great if you could add support for Terratec Cinergy USB HD S2 (Prod/Vendor-ID: 0ccd:0102). In Ubuntu there
    are several kernel patches available to make it work, an explanation on how to patch the sources (in german) can be found here:

    Pi VDR mit Cinergy S2 USB STICK 0ccd:0102 › Multimedia › Ubuntu verwenden › Forum ›

    More info can be found here, there are several revisions around, mine is Rev. 3:

    TerraTec Cinergy S2 - LinuxTVWiki

    Unfortunately i am not so familiar with crosscompiling LibreElec on my own...

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: Forgot to mention, i use the generic build on an Asrock ION 330 (Atom). I upgraded from OE to your version with added dvb-drivers from here: LibreELEC (unofficial) Kodi builds for additional DVB Drivers, but every time when I want to activate the extra drivers my system just restarted..