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    Thank for the hard work and effort!
    Verry happy!

    Stuttering when playing MPEG-2 files
    solved when Hardware Accelerated Decoding turned off

    When installing pvr.vuplus.enigma by zip or trough repository.
    got a fail.
    2the run got update message and everything is working correctly.

    Reboot system got vuplus error
    preform vuplus install, receive update message and its working until the next reboot.

    Got an X96 S905x 2GB with build

    Some of the add-ons I'm trying to install are failed.

    Happens to retrospect and others (what I for now not remember)

    Very happy with your time and effort so I can enjoy my fast LibreElec kodi!
    Running on a x96 works till now flawless
    Ip TV, media playback just perfect

    Only hdmi cec TV turn on and TV turn of not working.
    I noticed that the add-on "Sleepy Watchdog" can turn off my tv.