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    I have read it and I didn't see it as relevant as I am only looking how to repackage it as an img.
    I thought that there may be a way to do it from LE, as I am using an ancient PC with very little space on it. But it may be able to handle something like writing an img file from SD.
    I am using LibreELEC-S805.MXQ.arm- build on an S805 box and the only thing changed\added is my remote.conf file.

    I use RPI Baker but i am on a Mac. Can backup as image file. Sorry i dont use pc
    I believe you can create a backup with the remote.conf already installed and it will be in the backup.
    When you restore from previous backup (the backup with the remote.conf) it will be working.
    Cant help any further.

    I have one of these builds running on a box and I have added the correct remote.conf (thanks to kszaqs excellent help ).
    Does anyone know how to package that build as an img file again and send it to someone to install as first time with the remote control working?

    I also am trying to get the tuner drivers, so when/if I get them working I would also be packaging those.

    Do I need to do it from a PC, or can I use the SDCard build with the info in it?

    Read what you have written and see if anyone reading your post can work out what build version you are using and what box you are using ????
    Please create a signature with all details and then people with the same box and LE Version will help you.

    All Black MXQ Running Board uknown Updated from openelec to LibreELEC-S805.HD18Q.arm-

    Please note i am just advising on the above box which is not the box in my signature below.
    I can say that this box also successfully UPDATED from openelec without a fresh install.

    The CEC randomly works after Suspend. It will either work or not work BUT WILL NOT THROW AN ERROR notification
    like the MXQ.arm Nand version.

    It does however seem to lose connection for reasons uknown to me.
    When it lost connection i went into the CEC settings WITHOUT TOUCHING ANY SETTINGS i just clicked OK at the bottom of the Menu
    and CEC came back alive.
    It seems like it falls asleep.
    Note: I just did a restore from previous backup using a backup taken from my other All Black MXQ Running MXQ.arm Nand
    The CEC Driver changed after the restore and now throws errors on this box as well.

    Used Update method to migrate from OpenElec. Worked perfect.
    Red button on remote SUSPENDS
    Lost Clean Power Off from power menu. It suspends instead of power off.
    CEC error initialising notification after suspend.
    Choosing reboot from power menu brings back CEC which then works.

    Behaviour OpenElec Prior to Libreelec:

    I have a working CEC with no errors and perfect behaviour when i first power on.
    No problems when i power off with red button on remote.
    No problem when i use the power off menu with remote.
    No problem when i use reboot from power menu on remote.
    Using SUSPEND from power menu Causes the CEC error notification and powering off with the red button on remote does not fix
    the CEC . No error after this but no response using tv remote. The only way to bring it back is Reboot from Power Menu.
    If i use the Power menu to suspend it causes the CEC error. Using the red remote button does not cause the error notification.
    After the CEC error if use the red power button power off and power back on the error does not show but CEC is inactive.
    Reboot fixes it.