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    I only stumbled on the H265 issue and this is all i have tested. It is virtually un playable. It starts up ok and 30 seconds in it freezes picture with audio still going and picture stop starts out of sync artifacts the whole disaster. I dont recall ever having issues with H265.
    I will do some more tests i just remembered i have a repo somewhere that has an addon which has streams in different file formats.
    It is a legal addon as the streams are test clips but i am not sure i should post link.
    Google Portuguese Mafarricos repositorio

    Read my edits above. Looks like it's the S805.

    I've had some issues with vid playback, the same as you discribe, but I thought it was dodgy encoding! I'm using the Amber skin for a change and it normally says if it's H265 but doesn't for the files I'm have issues with so will check if they are indeed H265 as opposed to H264. I've watched other stuff and it seems fine, so hence the reason I thought dodgy encoding! Might revert to the previus version and see if it's better.

    Are you also getting judder?

    Will get back to you on this once I've done a test or two.

    EDIT: Just checked by pressing O from a connected keyboard and the problems files are H265. Will try reverting and see if it makes any difference!

    EDIT 2: Looks as if mmpp is correct as it's the same in version! Pisser!! I wonder if there's a fix for this? I doubt it as H265 won't play without hardware decoding as far as I'm aware. Well with any luck it's only certain files so not the end of the world just not great to watch with the glitches.

    I'm not sure if LE/my builds contain libraries to do that. I think you can't get internet connection over WiFi and share it wirelessly at the same time, you might be able to share your cable connection. I will need to check this.

    Thanks K, hey it might be a simple thing so worth a shot. As I said above the new build is great no probs so far and video playback is the best to date. Well done!


    I didn't want to start a separate thread for this question as the answer may be a simple no!

    The question is:
    Does the tethered wifi function work for anyone? I've tried switching it on and my box will no longer play any streams yet strangely the weather info can be updated. If I try and connect to the wifi hotspot/tethered wifi with my other box it throws up an error and won't connect.

    It's not a big deal as your build is pretty perfect now but I just thought having the tethered function working might be helpful for some people.

    You're not the only one! Can you tell since which build the 10sec bug started to happen? Is it and it was OK with

    Yes I'm on
    Not 100% certain but I'm pretty sure it started with although I recently updated my second box, which I don't use much, so can't go and check without reverting it.

    Perhaps others will remember which version it started on? If you remember I removed buffering for local files by adding 'advancedsettings,xml but this didn't help with the 10sec skip problem.


    The key you're looking for is O.

    Off topic, I've been following the stuff on the S905 thread and the memory management issue in particular. What surprises me is that if it takes a couple of days for amlogic to devour all the available memory on S905, why can't people just reboot once a day? - LE boots fast. I'd be patient enough to wait and that's saying something! So what if it makes the boxes not for novices.

    I'll take a look when I get the time, watch something for half an hour and see if any frame drops are reported.

    I'm pretty sure rebooting the S805 boxes seems to help reduce frame drops and micro judder. As I've said many times I do accept that sometimes frame drops, and more so micro judder, is due to crappy encoding (over compressed) but often I skip the video back and it plays OK the second time suggesting it's not crappy encoding! But I'll say it again, rebooting does seem to help cure this at least for a while. Well encoded H265 is amazing as you can get a 720p 45min file under 200mb and it's perfect!

    Also K's letest builds for the S805 are the best so far except for the first 10secs or so of some files skipping which I had never experienced before, apparently no one else suffers from this even people with the same board. And for the record sometimes I can't even get the skip function to play the first 10secs! Just annoying but I can live with it. May try a clean install and try it without installing my backup i.e No addons. Tried this before in the past but it didn't make any difference.

    I'm seriously thinking of getting a Wetek Hub when I upgrade in the future as this is reported to play vid files perfect even in Andoid, apparently. It's more expensive but may save some stress.

    PatrickJB In LE the whole system is dedicated for Kodi and unless you have a downloader service or DVB backend running in the background there's not much that can be suspended during playback.

    I suppose that the glitch you may be seeing is framerate not switching to 23.976fps from 24fps - in that case there will be a small frame jump every 42 seconds or so. Do you have automatic framerate turned on and "sync playback to display" turned off? It may also be that your displays don't support 23.976fps but I doubt it.

    Actually I have not seen frame jumps since framerate automation was patched many versions ago.

    It's all set up correctly so it must just be me being over sensative! But I might put that info display thingy on, can't remeber which key it is something like X or S, and see if it is dropping frames and then take a pic and post it. Which key is it again to display video info and frames etc?

    Busy at the mo so might take a while to get back to you on this. Perhaps my box is crap but a few others have the same box without problems!


    Just wondering if the is a way to suspend all other cpu activities when video playback is happening? I still get the odd glitch and frame drop which is more noticeably on my LCD than my Plasma but I can even see it on my Plasma! I'm not looking for the glitches/frame-drops as they are pretty bad and anybody would notice them.

    I wonder if all the memory being flushed after playback would help. I know video cache and buffering is supposed to be flushed when playback stops but when the box is first turned on, clean boot, memory used is 15% but soon fills up to 22% and stays there! I doubt this is causing the glitches but I'm looking for perfection! I might have to buy an S905 otherwise!!

    Hey don;t get me wrong, since we've moved to LE the S805 builds have been excellent and perhaps they can't get any better. So I'm just asking and hoping as I can't afford to go S905 at the mo and it's a 'work in progress' anyway.

    Ohh i thought it worked when downscaled to 1080p, either way no big deal since i won't be watching 4k television. I do recall testing a 60fps hevc demo and it played perfectly on my box, the video i struggled with was big buck bunny at 60fps using h.264.

    The S805 seems to deal with h265 better than h264 so perhaps this is true for the S905. Strange! I've a strong feeling temp plays a part would try running my MXQ box open if it wasn't for the wifi attenna being solderd to the top of the casing. Excuse my typos, been that kind of day!!

    Still thinking about a Beelink S905 at £33, screw the cpu revision!!

    I want a Wetek Hub really!

    But hey the MXQ running K's LE builds is really very good.

    EDIT: May try turning my box upside down to see if it runs cooler! Hey may make a differnce?

    Hi kszaq,
    that one isn't supported, is it?
    Mini M8S II 4K Smart TV Box Amlogic S905X

    Thank you

    Oh you cheeky lama!

    But seriously, I don't think K is comitting himself to any one box at the mo as it's all experimental. So we all take a chance if we go S905 but if you try the SD card route there should be no danger. Just give it a go and see if it works for you.

    I think 2GB is a 'no brainer'. Still not rushing although I did almost buy the Beelink! Just be nice to join the party!!!

    Do you feel better now [FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY] ? I don't understand your aggressive answer but as I've read these days it's a peculiarity of yours . Peace

    Well after the con of HD Ready and then the hype of Full HD...
    ...I'm not buying a new TV for years!! Err and I have no money!

    I'm now eating sweet and sour!!!!

    I've asked in our forum to a user that has the miniMXIII and the canal+ video doesn't work. Maybe the newest stocks that will come in the next months or simply new supplies will have the new revision C but for now only wetek hub seems to have that processor.

    I nearly bought one of these a minute ago! Lucky I didn't! I'd love a wetek hub but at around £75 not including shipping I just can't afford it. Will wait and see if any UK seller starts selling the revised version of the Beelink over the next few months. Of course perhaps the reason the one I was looking at was only £33 with shipping was because it's older stock?

    Oh and one question to those that have a miniMXIII, does it handle 29.976fps out of the box or will this only work with a custom ROM such as K's. Apparently the WeTek does 29.976fps as standard which is one good reason to consider it. wrxtasy's review of the hub here: WeTek Hub - 24p HD Netflix - HD Kodi Audio - 10bit HEVC - Lollipop - 4K

    I agree about not rushing but I figure 64bit has got to be a big improvement over 32bit once bottle-necks have been sorted. I also agree about 4K TV's and as I already have 2 1080p TV's that were quite expensive I won't be rushing out anytime soon to spend that money I don't have!!

    I also suspect that the prices of S905's will drop as many people will be shy of upgarding if their current box does the job. I'm just really picky about picture quality and even though K's recent S805 builds seem to be almost perfect I haven't really had time for a month or two to notice if there;s still the odd frame drop.

    Regarding picture quality I have noticed that my Panasonic Plasma is much better than my LCD which I put down to 600Hz and the quality dithering. Reading about it here, quite complex stuff: Panasonic Plasma - great picture produced by heavy dithering | AVForums

    And for the record:
    Panasonic Plasma 42" five years old
    LG LCD 37"100Hz five years old

    Panasonic really good, probably the peak of the technology before they stopped making them although I did have to get a new A board, long story. The LG is really sharp but 100Hz isn't really good enough in my opinon but on a 37" screen it's OK. I think modern LCD's are upto 400Hz which has to produce a much smoother image and motion if they get the dithering right.

    And lets not talk about all that smart frame creation stuff! I try and try to get used to it but always have to turn it off, it makes me shudder!