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    The service uses the hostname (libreelec by default) to announce itself. To change it, change the LE hostname.

    Posts in this thread indicate that avahi simplifies setup and use of the addon. Do you have any objective reason to want to disable it?

    Thanks for the answer!
    I was thinking this "TestConnection" in the avahi command is used to announce the service.

    No really, just asking about disabling avahi in case someone don't want it.

    HI All!

    thanks for all the work!

    Question: It's possible to replace the name of the avahi service somehow?

    maybe it's a good idea to adding the option to the addon configuration?
    and also the option to use avahi or not at all...

    just suggestions...

    Thanks again
    Best Regards!

    Hi All,

    I've the same issue on my RPi3.
    I did a fresh install of LibreELEC some days ago

    here are the LOGs:

    I didn't realice that could be problem with DTS-5.1 audo...
    So, in the next days i will do more tests regarding this issue and provide more logs or details!

    Please, let me know any idea on how to provide useful information

    Hope this can be fixed!!