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    I tried out my nvidia 1050 with the latest 010 build which added support for that card by way of 4.9 kernal i guess. All work awesomely now I'm getting HDMI 2.0 / 2160p at 60fps. I can look at my photos in native res and have speedy menus, and the frame rate drops to match my videos for 24fps playback. Everything is perfect! I also noticed that on the photos the pan and zoom / ken burns effect is very smooth and has very few artifacts. On the intel only there was frequent strobing in certain pictures (usually where there was a lot of texture, such as fields of grass, trees, etc.) during the pan. Thanks so much LibreElec! I couldn't be happier =)

    That's great news! What are the specs of the machine you have the thx 1050 in?