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    kszaq: thanks for answering. Also to others who replied. So for now, in my scenario, nothing I can do.

    I know it's not my hardware because using SPMC (android KODI fork) on stock box's android works perfect. (my box is amlogic s905 beelink minimxiii 2/16).

    So it must be LE related, it happens on both .009 and 7.9 builds for me. So hopefully we get this fixed, will gladly test all versions and cant wait ntil this is fixed, so I go to LE.

    kszaq: is there a wqy I can do some testing or somezhing to figure out how to fix the cracklicng/popping sound? Maybe an experimental build or something? I dont mind burning a new test version multiple times just to get rid of this crackling! I love LE but its really annoying, and if theres a way to get rid of it id like to help.

    Or on what is it based? Do everyone have this issue and just ignore it or is it based on X? Whats X if yes? Tried to send you PM but you have it disabled :angel:

    Trying the . 009 build (running from sdcard). Froze once in settings, after reboot it didnt anymore.

    I have a problem with audio, theres a weird hissing? Sound like some static or something, and it stays until I start a video. At start, it cracks/pops 1 time then the noise/static is gone and audio is normal from the video. If I hiz pause, static is back. If I hit play, again the pop and all normal. So hitting pause/play I can hear it pop pop pop. . .

    In android using SPMC latest (android KODI fork) this is not present. Here the audio is completely silent, dead, no static or hissing or cracking.

    Im still a LE/kodi newbie, so it might be a setting Im missing, any ideas anyone?

    Edit; ill answer myself, from the op:
    Some clicks/pops can appear when no audio is playing.

    Too bad, it's really annoying :( Hoping it gets fixed in future builds.

    Just tried it, wow it works! Dont know how I missed it and I swear I tried it but it didnt work... Either way, thanks!

    When in LE:
    Reboot from internal -> boots Android

    When in Android:
    Reboot -> boots LE

    Krypton build has some issues for me but . 008 is rock solid. Will try . 009 soon, thanks for hard work! !


    Next question: what is the best/easiest way to shut down the box (or put it in sorts of standby/hibernate/sleep/whatever) AND be able to turn it on/wake up by something other then included remote? Id be happy with my airmouse (but i think box shuts down usb port) or wake on lan (not sure if this is supported and again box probobly shuts down ethernet port) . I dont have CEC option. . . Any ideas?

    Hello! Just a quick question: is there a way to boot to LE while in boxs default Android? I know the other way around is easy (wgile in LE I select reboot from internal) . I mean I can get to LE from android by going to the update tool, and selecting any zip. But I was hoping theres another way? Rebooting to recovery doesnt work (it reboots to recovery) . So is there another way?

    Id like to have microSD card inserted all the time. Like I said once in LE I just select reboot from internal and boom Im in Android. How to do the opposite? Obviously im looking at an elegant solution without any resetting toothpicks or choosing any zip in update tool. Something like reboot to recovery (but like I said it doesnt work) . So any ideas, anyone?