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    I have recently installed the Spotify addon in Librelec and now I get a white screen with a purple/blue box in the middle of the screen. I am not sure if the 2 are connected. I think the addon has made it so that Kodi cannot be used. I am not sue how to uninstall the addon without having access to the interface. Can anyone help?

    I have upgrades from OE 6.0.3 to LE 7.0.2 on my Intel Laptop with GPU: Mesa DRI Intel SandyBridge Mobile. After installation, when the monitor is set to HDMI1, Kodi only shows up in the upper left corner of my TV. I currently and running through a Onkyo AVR but I tried going straight to the TV and the same thing happens.

    Please see my log file here: Kodi Log -

    Thank you for any help you can provide.