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    I tested also realvnc viewer under LinuxMint (Virtual) and tigthvnc under Windows 10, always Same result! Strange! I will try to reinstall everything.......

    Thanks for that hint! I tried that version, but same result. I am using a iMac as desktop, I tried the build in vnc and realvnc viewer, both same behaviour. The flickering looks like if the different layers of the kodi windows management (background - option-window - details-subwindows) are shown one after each other again and again with a frequence of 1 second around for all. Thats why my idea was that it has something to do with the new Kodi jarvis in LE and OE?? Up to now in OE 6.0.3 this vnc worked fine.


    Thanks for the support, but

    • the problem is that VNC in LE (and OE 7 Beta3 !!) does NOT work, lot of flickering and blocks, unusable. (That's why i reported it under Bugs.) I guess it comes from newer Kernel ?? In OE 6 it was running smooth. And that's why
    • I ask if it can be part of the LE repo ??

    Two outstanding answers. Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

    I have upgraded my OE 6.03 to LE 7.0 and after copying the TVH addon-data to tvheadend42 folder everything works smooth. Nearly, only the installed VNC, that I am using to remote access the HTPC from my desktop, shows lot of flickering and blocks...
    Looking into the repositories I see, that the VNC ist still connected thru the OE unofficial ad-on repo, and I see that there the oscam addon is marked activated as well as in the LE addon repo (the tvheadend addon was deinstalled and the 42 from LE repo was installed).
    1. what is the recommended setup? Deinstall the unofficial OE repo or can those addons be used in LE?
    2. is the VNC Addon usable in LE? Can it be part of LE repo because I need it very much, my HTPC is headless...


    I found actual .img file on this site and used the qemu convert command on a linux mint. On a vmware workstation that boots with a short glimpse on the LibreELEC Logo and then black screen....

    May be the generic-grafics are not able to work on a virtual machine ?
    Any more explanation from the experts how LibreELEC can be tested on which virtual ?