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    Hello Team,

    GPU: Mesa DRI intel HD Graphics Cherrytrail
    CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8300

    I have a MEEGOPAD T03 Pro with the CherryTrail,
    Sound issues have been resolved in the latest build where they were not working in V006.0

    My Wifi/bluetooth is not working or at least being listed in the LibreELEC settings. i am willing to send any log files needed if you send a quick how too.

    My bios says its a broadcom BCM4356 wifi 5g

    Also installed on my Intel compute stick gen 2 with cherrytrail Wifi/BT all working fine with no issues. Sound is working via HDMI will start addon and video testing now.


    Side Note: I am also posting my findings on the Milhouse forum on the Kodi forum, If this is redundant information please let me know and i will stick with one or the other forum.

    I did install the v8 beta 3 from here Mobile File sound does work bluetooth and wifi do work and some skins work but still has lots of bugs. Menu items do not populate and some addins like youtube and tv now crash after a couple min. Also my windows kodi would read my 200gb and may 128gb micro SD card and now with libre it will only read a 32gb. Large SD card support is a must. Thanks for the great work team hopping to see lots more in the near future.

    Wondering if there is support for the Intel Cherry Trail chip set yet. I have a gen 2 compute stick and a meegopad t03 z8300 Cherry Trail. I am looking for a stable Jarvis or older build so skins and plugins work.