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    We can look at things in master, but if you install LibreELEC 7.0.0 (Jarvis) it should work as Kodi is built with libogg support.

    The libretro stuff will be part of Kodi v17 .. official 8.0 alpha builds will be out soon, then we (you) can all figure out how to break it :)

    There are no immediate plans on our side for lots of other Amlogic builds; it's more dependent on the community wanting to rebase and work with us and allow LibreELEC to be a/the vehicle for better collaboration between the disparate individuals releasing stuff. Some do; hence kszaq is working with us and has a dedicated forum area here. I never personally heard of Kerber before so he's definitely not 'joined' LibreELEC. If he'd like to make himself known we'd always be interested in having a chat :)

    There's no technical reason why it couldn't be added, but to avoid "the death of a thousand cuts" we tend to shy away from complex niche things that a tiny majority of people will ever use. That said, there will be a "feature requests" voting capability on the website soon where you can deposit the request and if it became a highly voted for feature, we'd reconsider.

    NB: vpeter created a TrueCrypt addon for OE in the past which can probably be resurected for LE (or it still just works) or this is something that you or someone in the community could package into a similar add-on format. We welcome public add-on contributions, as long as people maintain them.

    It could be built in (we already build MySQL for the client which Kodi needs) but there are sub-zero plans to include it. The core OS is "client" focussed and the collective opinion is that DB's belong on a NAS box. That said, as long as you're not on a WeTek device with an ancient kernel you can load the docker add-on and then add a MySQL or MariaDB container.

    /dev/mmcblk0p2 means SD card, so is this a Raspberry Pi?

    If yes you're using an image for x86_64 hardware which contains KERNEL not kernel.img .. hence the (correct) missing file error. If yes the solution is to download the appropriate pi image not the Generic one.

    LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.0.tar?mirrorlist <= first pick a different mirror source or use the master site

    Also check the amount of free space on /storage (df -h) as if it's less than ~410MB you won't have enough space to download the Generic image (202MB) and then untar the contents to the udpate folder (means 202+202MB) for the update to be performed.

    If you need to clear space; "systemctl stop kodi.service && rm -rf /storage/.kodi/temp/* && reboot"

    At some point in the past you editted the RSS feed via Kodi GUI and this copied the embedded /usr/share/kodi/userdata/RssFeeds.xml that contained a reference to OE's RSS feed to the userdata location of /storage/.kodi/userdata/RssFeeds.xml. As we don't forcibly check/edit userdata files during the update process the reference to the OE feed persists. If you check the embedded file location when running LE you will that LE does not publish an equivalent feed; because we don't have a feed and in LE builds the default is RSS disabled. You can solve the problem by editing the file :)