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    KOPRajs can you help me. thankyou

    Hellos guys

    I need your help. I have achieved to start Libreelec on my MX device but its working only when i have the SD card on. If i remove the card then the system cannot start.

    I need help how to install it to internal memory of the box so i will not need the SD card anymore to start Librelec.

    On a different post for other type of devices ''kzaq'' with SSH method and using the command ''installtointernal'' worked fine. With this version is not working because cannot find this command. What can i do to install Libreelec to internal memory.

    Thank you

    Hello guys and thank you kszaq for this amazing build.

    i have a question and i don't know if also other users facing the same problem like me. I have used almost all the releases of kszaq from 009-012 but unfortunately the repos (official) like KODI repo etc are not updated automatically each time i start my device. I have to manually check for updates for the installed addons.

    Is it common problem or its just my device? Is there a solution?

    I have a MINI M8S II - 2GB S905X

    Thank you

    Hello guys and thank you for this amazing build.

    I have a MINI M8S II 2GB and i just upgraded from 008 build to 009 but i have no sound at all in my TV either to my home cinema!

    Can you help me?

    The reason i made the update was to fix the ''return'' button in the remote control and it was fixed but i lost my sound.

    Thank you

    Hello guys

    I nice feature would be if we can access a Libreelec system from another location by internet in order to help a friend in another country who doesnt know the system very well (not in the same network)

    Something like TeamViewer but for Libreelec

    Thank you